Chapter 1038: Only One Sword (Part Two)

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Fei nodded and said, “Ok, try your best. If you can excellently complete this task, you can train and lead the entire mystical gold war puppet legion.”

“Yes. Ok, ok, ok. Hehe, my great and honorable master, just wait and see!” Dark Demonic Armor Basturk didn’t think that the king valued him this much and gave him such an important task. He was so excited that he felt even happier now than when he was first instilled with life. Although he was forced to swear loyalty to Fei, he was now used to flattering others and working for Chambord.

Next, Basturk took [No.1] to the edge of [Metal Desert] to train in various ways.

Fei was doing this for a particular reason.

The Silver Crystal Clan was trapped inside the Vicious Swamp for thousands if not tens of thousands of years, and they didn’t know anything about the world other than the encounters with the behemoth orcs. Mentally, they were like human children who were about ten years old where their perspective of the world was extremely malleable like a piece of white paper. Such a subordinate needed a proper coach to train them so that they could have top-tier combat force.

Fei didn’t have time to do such things.

Although the Dark Demonic Armor wasn’t too reliable and was a flatterer who lacked dignity, he was like an old fox and had top-tier techniques, battle wisdom, and combat strength. Also, he was at peak Burning Sun Realm and had a lot of life experience. In terms of strength and experience, he was a suitable trainer for [No.1].

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Soon, a series of explosions sounded from the side. Under Basturk’s training, [No.1]’s progress was fast. Now, he could already slowly fly in the sky.

Fei nodded and went to the next step.

The king flew over to the sky above the Vicious Swamp and used his power to search for more than 20 silver crystals. Then, he returned to land with them and did the same process, threatening them first before luring them with new bodies. He signed master-servant contracts with the souls inside the silver crystals, and he took out 25 mystical gold war puppets before dissembling them into thousands of pieces. He did exactly what he did before and started to modify the magic arrays in them.

Without a doubt, this was a task that consumed his energy and brainpower.

Fortunately, he got smoother as he continued, and his speed increased a lot after a while.

When it was close to midnight, Fei heaved a long sigh out of fatigue. He finally finished all his work for now.

When he inlaid these 25 silver crystals that he signed master-servant contracts with into the mystical gold war puppets, Dark Demonic Armor Basturk and [No.1] walked over.

Seeing [No.1]’s light steps and the powerful aura around him, Fei knew that the initial training was completed.

“Hahaha! Your names will be [No.2], [No.3]… until [No. 26]. Try to hurry up and get used to your new bodies, Then, go train with this big black armor. [No.1], come over and practice with me. Let me see what level of strength you grasped.”

“Yes, great and honorable master.”  The 25 mystical gold war puppets admired their master who gifted them such powerful bodies, and they all single-kneeled at the same time before walking away with Dark Demonic Armor Basturk to train.

“Master, please be careful.”

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