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Hail the King Chapter 1038.4

Chapter 1038: Only One Sword (Part Four)

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“You aren’t qualified to know my name,” the red-haired tough man said coldly while emphasizing each word.

This sentence should sound arrogant, but it felt like a serious statement coming from this red-haired master who carried a black sword. He sounded cold, calm, and ethereal.

After saying that, this mysterious man turned around and said something to Second Prince Dominguez and Old Aryang, and the two commanders instantly backed off under the protection of their guards, continuing to give orders so that the troops of Zenit could retreat properly.

The troops of Zenit that had grown a little chaotic gradually went back to their controlled state.

Olazábal and the other three masters didn’t want to fail the mission after getting so close to completing it, but they also didn’t dare to make the wrong move.

The presence of this red-haired master was terrifying; he targeted and locked down the four of them, freezing them on the spot. It felt like if they moved for the slightest bit, this man’s presence was going to rush over like a landslide and completely bury them.

“You… who are you? Why are you helping Zenitians?” Phista, one of the four masters of Barcelona, asked again.

The response to his question was a simple sword strike.

It seemed like this red-haired master wasn’t interested in saying anything. He pulled out the giant black sword on his back with an overhand grip, and his sword struck over lightly.

There wasn’t any fancy energy flames, shocking presences, or space-tearing energy waves. However, the four masters of Barcelona’s expressions instantly changed. This casual strike made them feel an indescribable level of danger; they all felt like that sword was coming for them.


“Use your full force! Quick!”

“Combat technique… Green Wind Energy Strike!”

“Godly Sword!”

The four masters shouted and reminded each other. They were all peak Full Moon Elites, and they had the nickname ‘Little Lords’ in the military of Barcelona.

However, they all sensed deadly danger from this sword, and they unleashed their full power under fear and shock. The warrior energy flames burned around them as they used their most powerful combat techniques. By using offense as defense, they tried their best to fight for the chance of survival!

In the dark night, it seemed like four radiant suns rose into the sky, lighting up the battlefield and making it look like daytime.

Crack! Crack!

However, these four people’s powerful combat techniques were instantly shattered in front of the sword strike as if they were eggs that were smashed by an iron hammer.

Then, the terrifying, invisible sword energy crushed everything.

Before these four masters could react, the deadly sword energy tore their noble bodies into pieces, and white broken bones and heated red blood fell from the sky.

Four masters died under one strike!

The entire battlefield was instantly shocked by this terrifying strike!

“No…” In the battlefield of the two top-tier masters in the high sky, Pedro let out a series of angry roars, and he ignored Hazel Bank’s attack and struck his fists toward the red-haired master on the ground.

The terrifying force fluttered this master’s long red hair.

“Hahaha! Great!” This master wasn’t afraid, and he struck out his sword.

“Hey, Frank, don’t underestimate him. This kid from Barcelona is pretty strong.” In the sky, Hazel Bank laughed and reminded.

This red-haired master was one of the 12 Guardians of Golden Saint Mountains of Chambord, Frank Lampard, the former No.1 Master of Chambord.

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