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Hail the King Chapter 1039.1

Chapter 1039: Zenitians’ Victory (Part One)

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Facing the destructive energy fist that was enveloped by flames, Lampard calmly struck out with his sword. His movement seemed slow, but when others saw the trajectory of his sword, they realized that it was only an afterimage.

While Lampard swung the sword, a series of subtle cracking noises sounded from the giant black sword. Many irregular lightning bolts flashed and engulfed the body of the sword.

Then, a silver lightning bolt that was eye-piercing and as thick as an arm dashed out of the tip of the sword and flew toward the meteor-like energy fist coming from Pedro.


The two streaks of terrifying energies collided, and the world suddenly seemed quiet.

It felt like even time and space froze in this instant.

Just as people wondered why no terrifying energy waves appeared as they expected, the delayed explosions finally resonated throughout the area.

Then, the snake-like silver lightning bolts and the red flames collided with each other and filled the area, looking like beautiful yet dangerous fireworks.

The viewers’ minds were still blanking out, and this shocked them to the core.

At this moment, many people thought that the world was ending.

The soldiers of Zenit and Barcelona who were battling on the ground felt like a powerful tornado blew over, and thousands of soldiers got blown into the air like straws. Then, these soldiers screamed as they fell from the sky.

The battle between top-tier masters finally affected the ordinary soldiers.

Many ordinary soldiers wouldn’t forget this terrifying scene in their entire lifetime.

Under the strong repulsive force, Lampard backed off by four steps before getting his balance back. Also, green veins bulged on his arm as streaks of blood leaked out of his mouth.

In the sky, Pedro didn’t seem like he was affected, but Hazel Bank who chased after him landed a punch onto him.

“Puff!” Pedro opened his mouth and puked up a mouthful of blood.

“Damn it!” Like a trapped beast, Pedro roared as he dashed away like a flash of lightning. Then, he raised his head and chugged down a mysterious potion, and all the injuries on his body quickly recovered.

Seeing that Lampard was fine, Hazel Bank heaved a sigh of relief and said like a bandit, “Haha! I forgot that you still have the great combat weapon that His Majesty gifted you. We can battle alongside each other and kill this demi-god of Barcelona!”

“Ok!” Lampard’s response was simple.

Before he finished saying that word, he already dashed into the sky like a flash of lightning, and he struck out with his giant sword without any delicate techniques. However, the power contained in this strike was insane! Especially this black sword! It felt like this sword came back to life as a god, and it rumbled and unleashed a level of power comparable to that of a demi-god, shattering the nightly sky!

“How is this possible?” Pedro’s pupils contracted as he thought, “This red-haired man only showed the strength of a mid-tier Rising Sun Lord, and he had trouble handling my punch. How come he is able to unleash a level of power that is threatening to me?”

In the next moment, Pedro’s eyes landed on the giant black sword, and he suddenly understood something.

“It is a semi-god-tier weapon! A sword-shaped semi-god-tier combat weapon? Who is this red-haired man? How come he has such a treasure?” Pedro was surprised. After all, semi-god-tier combat weapons weren’t like cabbage that could be seen everywhere on the street. Even in the Barcelona Empire, only a few influential figures had such weapons. Although Pedro was a powerful figure in the younger generation in the military, he didn’t have such a weapon.

After the initial shock, Pedro started to think about the situation.

“Haha! I’m just lacking a weapon. Since you are here to offer it to me, I will take it! Haha!” Pedro shouted as he dashed forward instead of backing off. The energy flames that engulfed his body rushed toward Lampard like the giant waves of an ocean.

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