Chapter 1039: Zenitians’ Victory (Part Two)

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“Damn! You sure know how to bluff! Kid, Granddaddy will chop your head off to let the bandits of Barcelona know that Zenitians won’t be bullied!” Afraid that Lampard would be injured or killed, Hazel Bank instantly moved and fought Pedro two-versus-one.

The intense battle was re-initiated.

Lampard had a huge secret; his increase in strength was insane! Out of all gold saints of Chambord, his strength increased the fastest, and he was now a Rising Sun Lord. His giant black sword was a combat weapon that Fei got from the Last Ancestral Place of the dwarfs. After being corroded by the power of time, it dropped to level 8.

In the last while, Lampard had been nurturing this weapon with his core energy, and this weapon increased in level and became a semi-god-tier combat weapon. With the help and empowerment of this sword, Lampard could rival a demi-god.

On the other hand, Hazel Bank was an experienced master from an older generation, and Fei taught him many things using the Necromancer character. Right now, Hazel Bank was at peak Burning Sun Realm, and one of his feet was already in the Demi-God Realm.

These two masters of Chambord quickly obtained the advantage in this battle against Pedro.

“Hey! Little Guy, you seem weak! Haha! Granddaddy will kill you today and make Barcelona feel excruciating pain for three days!” After spending time with Fei for a long while, Hazel Bank was influenced by the king’s ‘bad taste’. Therefore, he talked like a hooligan and tried to distract his opponent.

“Hmph! Do you really think that you can win this battle because you have the numbers advantage? You underestimate the strength of a level 9 empire!”

Pedro couldn’t bear it anymore. As if he made a tough decision, he suddenly snorted and dashed out of the battlefield. Then, he raised his head and took a mysterious potion.

In the next moment, something mystical occurred.

Pedro’s warrior energy suddenly skyrocketed, and the red energy flames that were blazing around him suddenly turned black as if it was stained by ink. It looked terrifying, and his strength increased by many times.

When Pedro punched out, a portion of the sky collapsed.

“Damn it! Despicable! You took drugs?” Hazel Bank quickly backed off and dodged.

In a flash, the tables had been turned. Now, Hazel Bank and Lampard were suppressed.

“Damn it! I didn’t expect this kid to have such a hidden card! I need to use my secret…”

Hazel Bank knew that he couldn’t drag this on anymore. His hands grasped in thin air, and the giant, strange-looking Death God Sickle appeared in his hands. He slashed out with an underhand grip, and space was torn apart!

Slash! It seemed like a huge crack appeared in space, leading to the void.

“Another semi-god-tier combat weapon?” Pedro was shocked again.

Hazel Bank’s strength was terrifying to begin with, and he now was using a semi-god-tier combat weapon and battling alongside Lampard.

At this moment, this outstanding graduate of La Masia Royal Military Academy knew that the scale of victory was tilting to the other side. If this battle dragged on, he was going to die here!

Pedro was a decisive man. After taking one of Lampard’s lightning strikes, he dashed back and took out a magic scroll before opening it in the wind.

A green pillar of light that was sealed inside the scroll shot out.

This magic scroll sealed a level of strength that didn’t belong to humans.

After using this magic scroll to send Lampard flying, Pedro didn’t dare to fight back. This was his last card, and he flashed away, trying to escape from the battle.

However, at this moment, a sharp blade energy shot through the sky.

By the time Pedro noticed this, the blade energy was already behind his back. Since this strike was insanely fast, Pedro didn’t have time to dodge. In this split second, he could only slightly turn his body, and half of his back felt cold.

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