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Hail the King Chapter 1040.1

Chapter 1040: A Huge Change in the [Banished Land] (Part One)

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[TL Note: This chapter is a 1.5-in-1 chapter, so there are three parts.]

After placing Dark Demonic Armor Basturk and the 100 mystical gold battle soul warriors in the Vicious Swamp, Fei left casually.

Since the king had spent about four days here, Elena and others were probably quite anxious.

Right now, the Behemoth Orc Tribe probably made the big decision already.

The Behemoth Orc Tribe had billions of members, so moving from the [Banished Land] to the Azeroth Continent by traveling through the Endless Sea of Forests was going to be a huge project. If only relying on the Ancient Path of Blood of Behemoth, it would take a long time. A year was almost a must. Therefore, Chambord’s super-long-distance magic teleportation arrays might have to be used.

Besides, Pope Entus’ life was coming to an end, and he might close his eyes and die at any moment. Therefore, Fei might have to plan out and help with this huge migration project.

There were so many things to do. The king felt like his head enlarged just thinking about it.

On this side, after the king left, Demon Demonic Armor Basturk heaved a sigh of relief.

After getting to the sky above the Vicious Swamp with the mystical gold battle soul warriors, he thought for a moment and said to [No.1], “Is there a way for you silver crystals to communicate with each other?”

“Of course. In the long and boring days in the Vicious Swamp, except for thinking about the meaning of life, we spend most of our time bluffing and talking nonsense.” The Silver Crystal Clan’s memories and mimic ability were insane. After spending two days today, [No.1] had turned from a pure child who was like a piece of white paper into a hooligan who had no dignity and talked nonsense.

After hearing Basturk’s question, [No.1] laughed and replied, “We communicate with each other frequently.”

“Great. Then, it means that you know these silver crystals in the lake, right? Now, go and show your peers your powerful strength and sturdy bodies! Haha! Make sure that they are jealous and envious! Then, clearly explain to them that if they want to be like you and get such powerful strength and tough bodies, they should swear loyalty to our great and honorable Master Alexander. When we leave this poor and deserted [Banished Land], they can become as powerful as you.”

Dark Demonic Armor Basturk was indeed a demon from Hell; his words were filled with seduction that was hard to resist.

“Sir, don’t worry. We will complete Master’s order!”

[No.1] replied and dashed into the water with his other 99 peers. Like a kid who scored 100 on a test, he couldn’t wait to show his great strength to his peers in the water.

While swimming, he released spirit energy waves and connected with his peers.

Soon, many messy spirit energy waves suddenly appeared in the calm and peaceful Vicious Swamp; it felt like many swallows were chitchatting with each other.

“Where did these monsters come from? Why do I find them familiar?”

“Strange. How come these monsters know the spirit energy language of our Crystal Clan?”

“Ah! I recognize them! One of them is Dex’s spirit energy! Wasn’t he captured by that monster who came with behemoth orcs? How come he looks like this now?”

“God! Their bodies are comparable to behemoth orcs! They have four limbs, a head, streamlined bodies… oh! It is perfect! Only if we can have bodies like those as well!”

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