Chapter 1042: Rally Before the Migration (Part One)

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“Damn it! I’m a doomsayer all my life; I can’t help it.” His Holiness felt powerless when talking about his excellent skill in doomsaying.

After a short pause, Entus thought of something and threw a black ring to Fei before saying, “Aren’t you trying to figure out a way to condense divinity? We do have collections in this area, but you can’t access the Martial Library of Behemoth with your current status. I found all the books and records in this area and put them in this ring. You can go and read them.”

“Oh! Great! Thanks!” Fei was thrilled. This gift was quite heavy.

Due to the non-stop wars on Azeroth for 1,000 years and perhaps other reasons, humans on the continent had lost all records on condensing divinity. Many demi-gods who reached the peak of this realm were stuck there, unable to become true gods.

Fei was now at peak Demi-God Realm. If he could master a method of condensing divinity, he could reach the sky in one step and become a true god, dominating over others.

“Haha, you don’t need to thank me.” The smile on Entus’ face was strange. “The stuff in the ring can last you about a year. Also, the methods in condensing divinity probably aren’t simple. Otherwise, more beings would become gods instead of a small group.”

Fei scanned the internal space of the storage ring and froze. Then, he stared at Entus in anger and said, “Damn it! You are a true doomsayer. Even if there aren’t 1,000 books, there are at least 800. How long do I need to read through them all?”

In the afternoon, the Dark Demonic Armor quietly returned with the 100 mystical gold battle soul warriors and found the king who lived in a hotel beside the square. Of course, the top-tier orc masters detected the appearance of more than 100 peak Burning Sun Lords, but they couldn’t say anything and were only shocked by the power of Fei’s force.

Fei put down the book named [The Differences Between Mortal and Gods] that was more than 1,000 pages long and was written by an orc master. Then, he looked at the flattering Dark Demonic Armor and asked, “You completed the mission?”

“Great and honorable master, we have completed the mission. We have brought back 20,000 silver crystals as you ordered. All of them came with us willingly; we didn’t force them. Also, the mystical gold battle soul warriors are as powerful as me,” Basturk answered honestly.

“Eh, great.” Fei was pleased and praised this flatterer who was recently promoted.

These 20,000 silver crystals were a huge amount of wealth! Except for equipping the current 5,000 mystical gold war puppets, Chambord could make more magic puppets and engrave magic arrays on them before placing these silver crystals inside. Although the new armor battle soul warriors might not be as powerful as the mystical gold battle soul warriors, they could stop millions of ordinary soldiers. Also, these silver crystals were tough and hard to break. Therefore, the armor battle soul warriors could be counted as renewable resources.

Once the plan was executed, Chambord would become the most powerful force on the continent for sure.

After thinking for a bit, Fei remembered the final plan that Pope Entus revealed to him. He called the Dark Demonic Armor over and whispered something.

“Master, don’t worry! I’m great at these things!”

After hearing what Fei said, Basturk patted his chest and left with the 100 mystical gold battle soul warriors secretly.

“Damn! This b*stard is getting closer and closer to a real human!” Fei laughed and cussed before going back to reading all the books about becoming a god. Like a tadpole who was trying to find its mom in an ocean, Fei started to flip through all these books, trying to find the answer that he needed.

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