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Hail the King Chapter 1043.1

Chapter 1043: Path to Becoming A God (1) (Part One)

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For several days, Fei locked himself in the hotel and studied the ancient books that Entus gifted him.

The king’s miraculous skill, [Learn], was extremely useful at this moment. With a photographic memory and the ability to read everything once and not forget, Fei read through all the books in the storage ring after spending three days and not sleeping.

Then, Fei organized all the ancient books and divided them into categories before placing them back into the ring.

After that, Fei slept on the bed with the Valkyrie in his arms, getting a good rest and temporarily ignoring everything that was happening.

On the fourth day, Dark Demonic Armor Basturk returned to the hotel and reported the results of their work to Fei, garnering the king’s praises.

Then, Basturk returned to the frontline with the mystical gold battle soul warriors, rescuing orcs and working hard for the friendship between Chambord City and Behemoth Orc Tribe.

On the same day, the Beast God Palace sent four demi-gods to accompany Torres, and they set out on the long journey back to Chambord.

Right now, the migration of Behemoth Orc Tribe was pretty much set in stone, but Fei couldn’t leave right now. Therefore, he had to send Torres back first.

Torres had to inform the arsenal of Chambord to increase the speed of its production and also further improve and modify the super-long-distance magic teleportation arrays.

The teleportation arrays had to be durable enough to be used in a bad environment such as the Endless Sea of Forests, and it had to be able to teleport the many orcs in the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

Of course, Chambord also had to prepare a ton of land for the orcs as their homeland after completing the migration.

Right now, the Chambord Kingdom’s territory wasn’t enough to host billions of orcs.

Fortunately, Fei thought ahead and already created plans. Except for clearing the trees in the Endless Sea of Forests within 5,000 kilometers of Chambord, he could wipe out all the undead creatures in the former Anji Empire. All Anjians had died in the Undead Creature Catastrophe, and the huge piece of land was unclaimed by any force. It could be used by orcs as a place of residence.

Aside from all this, Fei could request a piece of land from the Zenit Empire and use it as the legal territory of orcs.

Even the poorest land on the Azeroth Continent was more than 10,000 times richer compared to the [Banished Land].

Therefore, Fei believed that the orcs wouldn’t have any objections to this setup.

Once the Behemoth Orc Tribe established itself in the Northern Region, it would be tied to the same boat as Chambord, and every human in the Northern Region would benefit from it in the Chaos Era.

After doing all this, Fei entered seclusive cultivation again; he had figured out how to become a true god.

After placing many defensive magic arrays around his bedroom, Fei ordered Pierce and Drogba to guard the area. Then, the king bathed and sat in the room as incense sticks burned, starting to try to advance in realms.

“If I want to become a true god, I need to first condense divinity. Condensing divinity is actually creating a godly realm, a small world that belongs to me. To do this, I need to inject the power of faith into my realm. Small world is just another term for realm…”

Fei recalled the information that he read and organized, and his mind gradually became clearer.

“Therefore, the first step is to sense the power of faith…”

The power of faith was the basic element in becoming a god; it was like the key.

People had to first grasp this key before they could get on the path to becoming a god.

The power of faith was a type of mystical energy. Anyone who had followers and people who believed in them could obtain the power of faith.

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    • Hamed El Ghoul

      yeah and seeing where it is going , it’s just getting started it is mentioned that a prophecy said that someone will unite the races

  2. Jay

    Which also means the church has already so much ahead with this

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    Well, people have been pretty much praying to him as if he was a god since he was still a star warrior :’)

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