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Hail the King Chapter 1043.2

Chapter 1043: Path to Becoming A God (1) (Part Two)

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In a sense, every master could harness the power of faith. After all, every master was admired and worshipped by some people.

In this world where people admired power, a master with terrible character and bad reputation would still have people treating him as an idol.

A unique technique was required to sense the power of faith.

It was a good thing that Fei obtained the answer in the ancient books.

Fei’s spirit energy spread out mysteriously. As if it had melted, it permeated the area around Fei. The king didn’t try to control or observe anything. According to the technique in the book, Fei released as much of his spirit energy as he could, and his soul seemed to have floated out of his body and ventured into the world on its own.

The entire world became silver in Fei’s mind. This world was filled with white fog, and everything was monotone.

In this endless world filled with white mist, streaks of beige flames dashed towards Fei from all directions. These flames seemed dreamy and fantastic, and they carried intoxicating and mysterious power. On top of all that, it seemed like they ignored the limits of space and time and instantly got to Fei and engulfed him.

This sensation made Fei feel like he was back to the beginning of his birth, and he was inside his mom’s womb with amniotic fluid all around him. This connate state was hard to describe.

“Is this the power of faith? But my power of faith is too much, no?” Fei was quite surprised.

According to the ancient records, most masters couldn’t sense too much power of faith in the first try. They had to try to cultivate their believers like farmers planting crops. They could only harvest the power of faith after putting in hard work.

However, this was Fei’s first time trying this, but he felt like the amount of power of faith that he had was as vast as the ocean.

For the first time, Fei learned that so many people in the world admired and worshipped him.

The massive amount of power of faith could be divided into several groups, and Fei thought for a moment and figured out their origins.

The biggest source should be from Chambord.

Now, Chambord was the biggest affiliated kingdom in the Zenit Empire, and it had more than one million citizens since the kingdom had powerful strength to keep the living environment stable and peaceful. Since Fei’s foundation was firm in the kingdom, every citizen worshipped their king. Without exaggeration, Fei was the god in this kingdom. If Emperor Yassin’s order was different from what Fei believed in, it would be hard to push it through Chambord.

Another big source of the power of faith came from the believers of [Black-Cloth Shrine].

Under Fei’s support, the Chambord Kingdom, other regions in Zenit, and the Alania Empire all promoted [Black-Cloth Shrine] as the official religion. This shrine of the Holy Church that had fallen got revived, and it now had billions of followers. All the power of faith coming from these followers traveled through space and time and wrapped around Fei, the bishop of the shrine.

Some other streaks came from other places in the Zenit Empire and outside Northern Region of Azeroth.

As the Imperial Martial Saint, Fei had saved Zenit several times, so it wasn’t strange that some Zenitians admired and worshipped him. However, Fei was surprised that streaks of power of faith came from other regions. Several streaks of power of faith that were the strongest came from the Western Region of Azeroth.

After thinking for a while, Fei figured that the civilians in these regions probably heard about him wiping out the Undead Creature Catastrophe in the Northern Region, and they couldn’t help but admire the king.

In the next moment, a strange smile appeared on Fei’s face; he discovered something strange.

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  1. Thank you! And will that world – the gift from completing the hell mode (or what was it?) – come into play as he works towards becoming a true god? Excited for future chapters~~

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