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Hail the King Chapter 1044.1

Chapter 1044: Path to Becoming A God (2) (Part One)

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Fei was surprised to find that a streak of weak power of faith that couldn’t be ignored came from the Behemoth Orc Tribe. This power of faith was extremely pure and firm, joining other streaks of power of faith like a streak of green smoke and rushing toward Fei.

“Could it be that some orcs admire and worship me? It seems like this dirty Dark Demonic Armor Basturk has been doing a great job!”

This discovery was surprising.

Zhong Dajun, who was Pope Entus in this world, said that Fei was going to inherit the throne as the pope of the Beast God Palace, and the king thought that it was impossible. Now, it seemed like…

After seeing this massive amount of power of faith, Fei slowly started to gather this invisible energy.

The next step in the process was to inject all the power of faith into his realm, turning the realm into a world. This was a critical step in the process.

From the information that Fei read in the ancient books, the biggest difference between gods and mortals was that gods could control a world, and they dictated everything using the power of a world. Despite how powerful a mortal was, they relied on individual strength. That was why mortals couldn’t defeat gods and couldn’t learn the powerful skills of gods.

Turning a realm into a world was a tough process.

Like building a skyscraper by layering each brick, this process had to be taken slowly. By grasping the power of realm, the demi-gods had created the foundation. Next, they had to place down each brick and tile to build this giant building.

This was the path to becoming a god, and the tools and materials were the power of faith.

There were many methods of merging the power of faith into realms to turn them into small worlds step by step. These methods circulated around the world in the Mythical Era, and the books that Entus gave Fei recorded more than 20. They were all unique and fascinating in their own ways, and Fei selected one that seemed a bit more neutral after a moment of thinking.

The basic theory of turning a realm into a world was turning a point into a plane.

First, Fei would need to condense the power of faith into one point and affix it into his realm. As more and more points were secured in his realm, they could form structures and networks. From that point on, basic principles, laws of nature, and various forces would be created, and the model of a small world in its infancy would appear before Fei.

The model could only be turned into reality after tens of thousands of modifications, improvements, and refinement.

Of course, the actual methods of using the power of faith were fascinating and hard to describe.

Fei opened his [Anti-Mage Realm] as a barbarian, and he used the technique and started to construct the small world inside his realm.

In the beginning, it was smooth. It was easy to condense the power of faith and inject it into his realm. Fei had a massive amount of power of faith, so he had a natural advantage. In less than an hour, his realm was covered with the power of faith.

However, just as Fei was about to condense all the power of faith into a point, something unbelievable happened. All the power of faith that he placed inside his realm suddenly disappeared without warning. Like a cup of water that was poured into a desert, it disappeared without a trace.

“What happened?”

Fei instantly zoomed out of his state of epiphany and wondered, “How come that happened?”

All the ancient books that the king read never mentioned that such a strange thing would happen during the process of condensing the power of faith and transforming his realm.

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