Chapter 1045: Path to Becoming A God (3) (Part One)

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Fei treated this cold and mysterious voice as an NPC in Diablo World.

This voice had appeared in Diablo World many times and explained the rules of the world to Fei. In most cases, Fei could ask the question in his mind, and he would get a direct answer. Also, it would appear after Fei completed a quest and was getting the reward.

However, about a month ago, ever since Fei completed all the quests in Diablo World with all seven of his characters, this cold and mysterious voice disappeared. Regardless of how Fei tried to summon it, he got no response.

Surprisingly, this voice appeared out of the blue on its own, and it was quite proactive.

“Talk? Talk about what?” Fei asked subconsciously.

“Hahaha! Of course, the things that you want to know.” This mysterious voice laughed for the first time as if it had switched to another person. It laughed and said, “Do you really not want to know the answers to all the questions on your mind?”

“Huh? Could it be that you are finally willing to talk?” Fei tried to calm himself down, and he asked, “I remember that when I asked you those questions, you never said anything.”

“That is because you were too weak back then. Even if you knew everything, it was meaningless,” the voice laughed and answered, “Now, you can be considered to be a master with your level of strength. Therefore, I will answer your questions now. There isn’t much time left, and you should know some things.”

“Ok.” Fei now completely calmed down.

From what this mysterious voice said so far, Fei captured a ton of information. He thought for a moment, organized his thoughts, and asked the first question, “Tell me, who are you?”

“Hahaha! I knew that you were going to ask this question. I’m only an incomplete consciousness that lasted for 1,000 years. You can think of me as the obsession of a soul that had passed away. In not too long, I’m going to completely disappear. Therefore, treasure the time that we have together.”

“Incomplete consciousness? Obsession from 1,000 years ago? Whose obsession?” Fei was curious.

“This… you will know everything in a little while. If I try to explain it now, it will take a long time.”

“Alright, that is pretty much not an answer. Ok, onto the second question. What is Diablo World? What is going on with it? How come only I have this world? Why am I the only one who can kill monsters and level up in this world? Is this a game? Or it is something else?” Fei asked impatiently.

“Is this one question? It is like three or four,” the voice in Fei’s head sounded again, “Also, do you think that there is such a realistic game in your previous world that can also provide you with great strength? Haha! Of course, it is not a game! At least it isn’t a boring game like the one in your previous life.”

“Then, what is it?”

“It is a world, a real world. It is a world that the most powerful existences on Azeroth Continent worked together to create, and it only borrowed some of the concepts from that game in your previous world.”

Fei froze at this answer, and a flash of lightning went off in his mind. He grasped onto this inspiration and said without thinking, “Could it be… a divine godly realm? A godly realm that combines the power of realm and the power of faith?”

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