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Hail the King Chapter 1045.2

Chapter 1045: Path to Becoming A God (3) (Part Two)

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“You are quite smart; you are about 80 percent correct. However, it is billions of times higher than an ordinary godly realm. How can an ordinary god create a world that could allow a powerless mortal to become a demi-god? Do you think you can kill monsters and level up in every godly realm? Haha! Stop asking these types of questions. You will soon know everything. Next question.”

Fei pouted in displeasure.

The answers that this mysterious voice provided for these two questions were vague, still leaving out a ton of mystery and suspension.

“Ok, let me think. Third question; why did you choose me? Why did I come to the Azeroth Continent? Why do I have Diablo World?”

“It is not us who chose you. You chose yourself.”

“What do you mean?” Fei frowned.

“You will soon figure it out. All of these won’t be questions in a little longer.”

“Damn! The same answer again. What is the use of this answer? It is no different from not knowing anything.” Fei couldn’t hold back and said, “I need to know everything right now.”


“Tell me.”


“Alright, you are the boss,” Fei sighed and knew there was no way that he could force this cold and mysterious voice in his mind to reveal the information that it didn’t want to.

The king continued to ask, “Then, can you tell me where I’m special compared to others. How come I’m the only one who can see and absorb the floating mystical energy?”

“Hahaha! Special? Of course, you are unique. How can mortals be compared to you? Even the gods and demons can’t be compared to you. It is only normal that you find yourself different from everyone else.”

“Damn! I’m actually so overpowered?” The king’s vanity was greatly satisfied, especially since it was said by the mysterious voice in his head. After being happy for a while, he continued to ask, “Then, can you tell me why am I so awesome? Am I the love child of the God of Creation?”

“What did you say? The love child of the God of Creation? Hahaha! So funny! Say it again! Hahaha! You are killing me. You will soon be ashamed of what you just said. Hahaha!”

It seemed like the mysterious voice had a low-tolerance for jokes. Just from what Fei said that didn’t seem funny, it laughed hysterically. If this voice had a body, Fei imagined that snot was even falling out of his nostrils due to laughing so hard.

After a while, this voice finally stopped laughing.

With a dark expression, Fei said, “Are you done laughing? I will continue asking questions then. What is this world connected to the purple teleportation portal? What is it? And why is it connected to Diablo World? Is it special as well?”

“Eh, great. You finally asked the proper question. Just like what you guessed before, this beautiful and peaceful world is the reward for passing Diablo World with all seven of your characters. Also, it is the craziest and most unimaginable reward that you ever got. You just haven’t figured out its use yet.” The mysterious voice got serious again.

“The biggest reward? What is it for?” Fei seemed to have realized something.

“Since you figured it out now, why are you still asking me? Haha, you are right. It is a perfect and complete godly realm. It is a world that even makes supreme gods jealous. After obtaining this world, you don’t need to spend endless time to condense a low-level godly realm. You can instantly leap up and become the most powerful being in this world!” the mysterious voice sounded proud, and its tone contained unconcealed temptation.

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