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Hail the King Chapter 1046.1

Chapter 1046: Path to Becoming A God (4) (Part One)

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“But how can I get it? I tried many times, but I didn’t find any connection between us.” Fei was extremely confused by this.

“It is simple. It is because you haven’t refined it yet.”

This time, the mysterious voice didn’t hide anything, and it tried to explain as patiently as possible. “This is the greatest godly realm since the creation of the world, and we call it the [Primal Godly Realm]. Once someone grasps it, that person will become the ultimate existence. It is the last gift that we prepared for you, and it is the final weapon to fight against those devils. If you want to refine it, you need the power of faith. Right now, you can’t sense the connection between you and the [Primal Godly Realm] since you haven’t controlled the power of faith.”

“Oh, I see.” Fei suddenly thought back to the strange phenomenon that occurred when he placed the power of faith into the [Anti-Mage Realm], and he asked, “Could it be that the power of faith only disappeared because this [Primal Godly Realm] absorbed it? Nothing went wrong with my cultivation?” While saying that, Fei suddenly realized something as he said in surprise, “Huh? Did you say something about fighting devils? What devils?”

The mysterious voice automatically ignored Fei’s last question and replied, “You are right; that is what happened. Since you already have the [Primal Godly Realm] which is like a miracle on its own, why do you need to condense your own small world like mortals? Besides, your strength didn’t come from regular cultivation like other people. In reality, you can’t condense divinity and become a god with their methods.”

Fei nodded subconsciously. He had guessed about these things, and he finally confirmed his hypothesis with the mysterious voice.

Suddenly, the king thought of another question, and he asked worryingly, “Since I didn’t get my strength through the ordinary way, will it disappear one day? After all, it is the power that the gaming world endowed on me.”

“Haha! Don’t worry about that. First, the power that you have obtained all belongs to you; it will never disappear. Do you think that the experience points that you obtained in Diablo World are just a bunch of boring data? It is the primal godly power that even godly-kings would be jealous over! The process of you killing monsters is a special way of cultivation and absorption of the primal godly power before using it to strengthen your body. Also, you will soon find out that this power is yours. You are just on your path of reclaiming it.”

“What? Experience points are primal godly power? Reclaiming my own strength? What is going on?”

Fei was confused by all this.

“You will soon find out.” The mysterious voice seemed unwilling to answer this question directly. After a short pause, it said, “Listen, your power of faith is enough to refine the [Primal Godly Realm]. Now, listen up and memorize the method of refining this world. This is extremely important, and you can’t stop once you begin the process. If you make any mistake or are interrupted during the process, you will lose the privilege of inheriting the [Primal Godly Realm], and your strength will only stay at peak Demi-God Realm forever.”

Hearing the seriousness in this mysterious voice’s tone, Fei grew solemn as well.

After inhaling and concentrating his focus, adjusting to his prime state, Fei nodded and said, “Ok, let’s continue.”

“Listen carefully. If you want to refine the [Primal Godly Realm], you need to…” The mysterious voice wasn’t fast, and it recited everything word for word.

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