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Hail the King Chapter 1047.1

Chapter 1047: The Sun in the Darkness (Part One)

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Granello still remembered how shocked, disappointed, and terrified he and the soldiers who were patrolling on the defense wall of St. Petersburg were when the defeated troops of Zenit appeared on the mountain not too far from St. Petersburg.

Then, St. Petersburg fell into a state of panic and chaos that was unprecedented.

Out of more than 400,000 soldiers, fewer than 100,000 were still alive, and they were all injured.

Granello and his peers witnessed the defeated soldiers pulling back into the city, summing up their supplies, and counting casualties. They heard the whines of the injured and disabled soldiers and the cries of families who lost their fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers, and they also saw the severely injured and semi-conscious Second Prince and the wounded Old Aryang being carried into the Royal Palace to report the situation.

From that moment on, the entire St. Petersburg started moving like an insane spinning top out of fear and anxiety.

Sadness and panic engulfed the region.

Many elite soldiers in bright armor and high-level warriors in flashing warrior energy flames took control of every inch of the defense wall around St. Petersburg, and thousands of magic towers of all sizes started to operate at full capacity. The various runes and magic arrays engraved onto the defense wall started to blink, emitting powerful magic energy that made Zenitians feel a little bit safer. Many vicious-looking magic weapons that ordinary people had never seen before were pushing onto the top of the defense wall, and even the most powerful magic array, [Goddess of Earth’s Protection], was activated as well. It created a yellow energy sphere around the city, protecting this ancient city that was hundreds of years old like a giant eggshell.

At this moment, the entire capital city was on lockdown.

This war was like a storm that showed no signs before it appeared and suddenly arrived at the time when Zenitians least wanted it.

In less than an hour before St. Petersburg finished the final preparations and defensive setup, the troops of Barcelona appeared on the horizon. Like a giant flood that was going to swallow the world and bring the doom, the Barcelonan soldiers rushed over to attack St. Petersburg’s defense wall and defensive setups.

Later, Zenitians learned that more than 200,000 Zenitian soldiers sacrificed their lives to buy this half a day of precious preparation time for St. Petersburg.

This initial battle lasted a full day.

The powerful magic defense system and the lethal city defense tools that St. Petersburg possessed were immeasurably impactful. After paying the hefty price of the death of more than 60,000 elite soldiers and hundreds of Moon-Class Elites and the severe injuries on three Sun-Class Lords, Barcelonans had to temporarily stop the siege of this ancient city. After a demi-god tried and couldn’t break open the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection], they had to re-evaluate this ancient city.

This was Zenitians’ first-time knowing that St. Petersburg possessed such strong defensive abilities.

Of course, only a few people including Granello knew that the magic defensive system of St. Petersburg was strengthened by the advanced mages of Chambord. It was heard that insanely powerful godly runes were even integrated into the system. Also, the vicious magic weapons that killed Moon-Class Elites of Barcelona one after another came from the arsenal of Chambord.

If the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection] weren’t strengthened and instead was on the same level as half a year ago, it would have been broken by the demi-god already.

Next, the Zenitians got half a day to reorganize and catch their breath.

After a quick rest, St. Petersburg was going to face the fierce and terrifying siege of Barcelona again. Many warriors and soldiers died in this battle like dandelion seeds that were flying away and disappearing. Like a giant, terrifying meat grinder, thousands of people were turned into meat paste at every second.

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