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Hail the King Chapter 1047.2

Chapter 1047: The Sun in the Darkness (Part Two)

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During the battle, a mysterious demi-god of Chambord attacked more than ten times, and Emperor Yassin also showed himself in a dominating fashion. That was how St. Petersburg barely held on and avoided getting conquered.

Like a little boat that was rocking on the surface of the sea during a massive storm, St. Petersburg swayed around and could be swallowed by the vicious waves at any moment.

Last night, Granello finally saw Second Prince who just woke up from his unconsciousness and a few other generals who were in the southern region of Zenit. As a henchman of Dominguez, Granello finally learned about what happened in the southern region and what caused the situation to deteriorate even though there were more than 400,000 soldiers and many powerful warriors and mages.

“After severely injuring the enemy general named Pedro in the victory against Barcelona at Delun Hill, the reinforcement troops of Zenit which consisted of about 300,000 soldiers met up with us, and our supplies got stocked up as well. We were more confident in the upcoming battle. Besides, the Imperial Military Headquarters only wanted us to stall the battle and make Barcelonans waste some time in the southern region of Zenit. We didn’t need to defeat them on our own. It seemed like Emperor Yassin His Majesty was planning a counterattack, and it required some time before it could be completed…”

“In fact, we did what we were supposed to do in the next ten days or so, and we were successful at it. The reinforcements of Barcelona were led by a commander named Alves, and he was troubled by Strategist Aryang’s tactics and couldn’t push forward since he lost all battles that involved more than 10,000 soldiers. After all, we have the numbers advantage as well as top-tier masters like Mr. Hazel Bank and Gold Saint Lampard. Besides, the Xuan’ge of Chambord coordinated with us from the air…”

“Later on, we discovered that a mysterious demi-god assassinated the masters of Barcelona more than ten times, greatly disrupting the enemy’s setup. Everything was going according to plan, and Strategist Aryang even planned to take out all Barcelonan soldiers who arrived at the southern region of Zenit…”

“However, everything changed about two days ago. All the good conditions for us changed. Three people appeared on the side of Barcelona; three demi-gods.”

“It was clear that Barcelona was prepared. They were bored with the battles on the same level, and they decided to crush all resistances with top-tier strength. The empire is the most afraid of this kind of blatant strategy. After the initial contact, the 400,000 soldiers were instantly defeated…”

“Strategist Aryang thought of everything, and it only allowed the troops to last for four more hours. Mr. Hazel Bank, that mysterious demi-god, and the two Xuan’ge worked together and barely stopped the three demi-gods of Barcelona from killing ordinary soldiers. Even Mr. Lampard was severely injured…”

“You should be able to guess what happened next. If it weren’t for the masters of Chambord who protected us, Second Prince His Highness and most of the people here today would have died on the way back. Those soldiers of Chambord are true warriors. If the 400,000 soldiers of Zenit were like them, we would have killed the Barcelonan invaders. Unfortunately, more than half of the 500 elite soldiers of Chambord were severely injured or killed…”

“Strange. How come Emperor Yassin and Martial Saint Alexander didn’t show themselves in such a battle?”

Standing on the defense wall, what Dominguez and other generals who survived and retreated from the southern region of Zenit talked about replayed in [Red Beard] Granello’s mind. Although the talk was brief, Granello felt like the tragedy happened before his eyes.

“The Barcelona Empire is too powerful…. They are invincible!” Granello sighed.

“How can the empire survive through this? Can we really win this war? When the empire was in danger last few times, it was the King of Chambord who turned the tables and fought against all odds. King of Chambord, where are you now?”

For some reason, Granello instantly thought of Fei. It was like how a traveler in the darkness thought of the sun.

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