Chapter 1048: The Battle Between Demi-Gods (Part Two)

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The ear-piercing siren sounded on the defense wall.

While the military officers shouted, the soldiers concentrated and operated the [Dragon Slayers], the magic crossbows that Chambord manufactured, shooting many giant arrows that were strengthened by semi-godly runes toward the demi-gods of Barcelona in the air.

However, these arrows that could each kill a peak Half Moon Elite were useless. Like toothpicks that were thrown at dragons, the arrows turned into smoke and disappeared when they got within 100 meters of the three demi-gods, let alone hitting them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Busquets, the fair-skinned demi-god of Barcelona in the middle, continued to shoot out streaks of green energy, hitting the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection] from different angles. The giant yellow energy sphere continued to shake violently, and each shake made Zenitians’ hearts skip a beat.

“Damn it! He is looking for the weakness in this magic array.” Granello suddenly realized this demi-god’s intention.

Once this fair-skinned demi-god of Barcelona found the weakness of the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection], the three demi-gods could concentrate their energies and shatter this energy sphere in the shortest amount of time possible. Then, St. Petersburg would be conquered for sure.

“What should we do? Damn it! What can we do?” Granello instantly grew even more anxious.

At this moment, the sudden change that all Zenitians were hoping for finally appeared.

Three streaks of powerful presence rose from St. Petersburg. Then, three light beams dashed across the sky and appeared outside the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection].

While standing before the three demi-gods of Barcelona from afar, these three powerful masters emitted their powerful presences, guarding St. Petersburg behind them like three unclimbable mountains.

“It is Emperor Yassin His Majesty!”

“Mr. Hazel Bank!”

“Golden Lion Lampard of Chambord!”

The top-tier masters of Zenit finally showed themselves.

Many people who were anxious and afraid suddenly calmed down as if they found their spiritual pillar. Bravery and courage returned to Zenitian soldiers, and many people who had looked lost and confused became determined again.

[Red Beard] Granello was pleasantly surprised.

Emperor Yassin was invincible in many Zenitians’ minds, and the other two masters of Chambord were associated with Imperial Martial Saint Alexander, so many people believed in them.

“However…” Granello looked at the current situation worryingly. Right now, Golden Lion Lampard wasn’t a supreme master yet. Although it looked like the situation was a three-on-three battle, Zenit was at the disadvantage.

Further away, after Emperor Yassin and the other two appeared, they didn’t say anything and attacked as fast as lightning.

Since Zenit and Barcelona were in a hostile relationship, it was either going to be the destruction of Zenit or the complete obliteration of the troops of Barcelona. Any talks would only be a waste of time.

The battle was instantly initiated.

Staring at the battlefield in the sky, Granello was extremely nervous. However, what he saw next almost made his eyeballs fall out of his eye sockets.

Golden Lion Lampard who was the weakest out of the six people moved first. He suddenly raised his hands, and two streaks of faint-silver flames flew out, turning into two spheres of light and quickly imprisoning the two demi-gods of Barcelona on the two sides into them.

“How is this possible? How? The two streaks of light both accurately hit the two demi-gods? What are these two streaks of silver light?” Granello was utterly shocked by what he saw.

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