Chapter 1049: Kill You in Three Strikes (Part One)

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[TL Note: This is a 2-in-1 chapter, so 4 parts it is.]

As soon as Golden Lion Lampard somehow imprisoned Elves and Mascherano, Emperor Yassin and Hazel Bank attacked the fair-skinned Demi-God Busquets who was in the middle.

It was clear that the masters of Zenit prepared this strategy ahead of time. They planned to focus their attention onto one of the enemies and take him down, solving the issue of the disadvantage in power.

Emperor Yassin showed his strength without holding back. His index finger and middle finger came together as he pointed at the sky, and his realm appeared. A giant golden sword that was about 100 meters long dashed out of his fingers with a presence that could destroy the world.

Like a sword god, Emperor Yassin waved his fingers, and the giant sword pierced toward Busquets. The blade of the sword directly cut open the sky, and a black crack that was about 1,000 meters long appeared. That resulted in a terrifying suction force which seemed like it could devour everything in the world. The blade of this energy sword flashed as the sword was as fast as light.

Hazel Bank grasped in thin air and took out a giant, vicious-looking sickle. It had the unique suppression of a semi-godly combat weapon.

As the Undead Mage shook his arm, a faint-black energy permeated the air and formed a dangerous net made of lethal blade energy, enveloping Demi-God Busquets.

In a flash, this demi-god of Barcelona was in a dangerous situation.

Beside him, Elves and Mascherano were imprisoned in the faint-silver spherical prison, and they used their full strength and tried to break free after a moment of surprise.

The powerful energies of these two people created many white cracks in the energy prisons.

However, these two energy prisons were extremely tough. Although cracks appeared under the attacks of the two demi-gods, they didn’t instantly break. The two demi-gods couldn’t get out and could only watch as their peer fell into danger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying energy collisions were ear-piercing as if the world was being destroyed.

The eye-piercing flames made everyone who was paying attention to this battle temporarily lose their sight. The broken giant golden sword, the shattered saber energy, and the green flames that were multiplying and being destroyed repeatedly formed a horrifying scene filled with both light and darkness. Then, a mushroom cloud floated into the sky as if a nuclear bomb went off, robbing away all the colors in the world. Like a mirror that was hammered, the bright sky suddenly shattered.

“Puff!” Busquets puked up a mouthful of blood and got knocked out of the chaotic energy explosion.

The tight-fitting red and blue armor looked dim, and most of it shattered. Busquets’ pale face became even whiter, and a greyish-green color could be vaguely seen. It was clear that he was severely injured as his breathing became uneven.


Another golden sword energy shot out of the chaotic energy explosion and aimed at Busquets’ heart.

At the same time, Undead Mage Hazel Bank appeared behind Busquets, and the Death God Sickle drew a terrifying arc in the air, cutting toward Busquets’ waist horizontally.

“Damn it!” Busquets was terrified.

Facing the continuous attacks of two supreme masters, Busquets couldn’t get a chance to fight back. The green energy flames on him grew even larger, and he unleashed his realm, colliding with the realms of his opponents.

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