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Hail the King Chapter 1049.4

Chapter 1049: Kill You in Three Strikes (Part Four)

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Alves’ power of realm was invincible against warrior energy and magic energy before, but he didn’t get the advantage when his power of realm collided into the thin layer of star energy around Lampard. Instead, it felt like he was at a disadvantage. This finding shocked this violent demi-god, and he looked gloomy.


A series of loud explosions sounded from afar.

“Let’s end it here!” Emperor Yassin sighed and stopped attacking after shooting out hundreds of sword energies.

Now that the battle got to this point, the two parties had similar strength. At least ten days or half a month was needed for them to battle it out, and that would be a waste of time. Besides, if the two sides got intense, St. Petersburg and everything around it would be turned into a living hell.

Busquets and Mascherano both stopped and pulled away.

“Humph! I won’t kill you today!” Alves snorted and dashed away, but viciousness filled his green eyes.

“I will wait for you to come and kill me.” Lampard was calm and didn’t get angry over his opponent’s provocation. He was as chilly as a piece of ancient ice.

Seeing that he had no opportunity to take, Alves back away to Busquets and Mascherano.

“I’m surprised that a little level 1 empire has so many masters! Your Zenit is indeed the No.1 Empire in the Northern Region of Azeroth!”

Busquets stared at Emperor Yassin and seemed to have forgotten that he was almost killed a moment earlier. Right now, his injuries had already recovered, but he depleted too much core energy, which was why his face was so pale.

Emperor Yassin stood in the air and only sneered, not caring to reply.

“However, even though you are strong, you are still quite far away from our Barcelona Empire. If you continue resisting, it would be no different from smashing an egg onto a hard stone. If you really anger Emperor Guardiola, Zenit’s bloodline will end here,” Busquets said earnestly, “Your Majesty is wise and far-sighted. Why don’t you end the war here and become a part of Barcelona? With Your Majesty’s strength and talent, Emperor Guardiola will value you. Even if you can’t be like Mr. Lionel Messi who is above everyone but Emperor Guardiola, you will become one of the few most prestigious figures in our level 9 empire.

“Is Barcelona truly invincible? Even if gods are invading Zenit, we will fight to the death,” Emperor Yassin replied with his hands behind his back.

“Your Majesty, aren’t you really not going to consider our offer?” Busquets still tried to convince Emperor Yassin.

“The tens of millions of Zenitians who died in the southern region don’t want to see their ruler bend the knee.” Emperor Yassin’s voice was as cold as ice, and his expression was calm. Suddenly, he smiled and said, “Also, I want to know how powerful the Barcelona Empire, that is rumored to be the No.1 Empire in the Western Region of Azeroth, is.”

“Arrogance!” Alves snorted and said, “You are only the dumb emperor of a little empire. How dare you to be so reckless? I will let you understand what it means to die without having a grave to be buried in.”

“I will kill you in three strikes if we are fighting one-on-one,” Emperor Yassin said to Alves as he looked down at the latter, and his aura was pressing like an avalanche.

“You…” Alves was enraged. Just as he was about to attack, he saw the faint smile on his opponent’s face, and he somehow felt cold. Like a bucket of cold water was poured on his head, all the courage in his mind vanished.

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