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Hail the King Chapter 1050.1

Chapter 1050: Queen of Radiance (Part One)

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In the next three days after the battle between demi-gods and supreme masters, Barcelona didn’t launch any threatening attacks toward St. Petersburg.

To prevent masters of Zenit from raiding them, the demi-gods of Barcelona set up Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals and protective magic arrays around the campsites.

All kinds of magic energy flames were flashing, emitting powerful auras.

As time passed by, more and more troops of Barcelona appeared around St. Petersburg.

As one of the most important figures on the side of Second Prince Dominguez, [Red Beard] Granello was staffed with crucial tasks. He was one of the people who were responsible for the protection of the city, and he looked out of the watchtowers on all four gates and calculated the number of enemies.

On the night of the third day, Granello estimated that about 300,000 Barcelonan soldiers had surrounded the city.

“The good news is that Barcelonans are being attacked by their mortal enemies, the Madrid Empire, in the Western Region of Azeroth, and the situation isn’t good for them. Also, the Elf Clan that is in the West Region of Azeroth isn’t peaceful. Therefore, Barcelona couldn’t send more forces to invade Zenit, and Lionel Messi, the so-called No.1 Young Lord of Azeroth, can’t come to the Northern Region. Otherwise, St. Petersburg would be in real danger!”

Granello gradually calmed down after thinking back to all the information that he got from the Imperial Military Headquarters and other channels.

Seeing the blood-red sun setting behind the mountains on the horizon, the soldiers who were guarding the defense wall felt even more suppressed with the appearance of darkness. Although these Barcelonan invaders didn’t do anything for three days, everyone knew that it was only the calm before the storm. Once the battle resumed, it would only end with one side getting completely destroyed.

Just as Granello was about to leave the defense wall, a series of noises sounded from the western gate, and lights were all lit up.

“What is going on?” Granello was shocked, and he instantly sent elite soldiers of Imperial Patrol to check on the situation.

Soon, the soldiers returned and reported while kneeling on one knee, “Sir, Fourth Prince Chrystal His Highness is replacing General DiSanto who was the commander of the defense forces at the western gate. They are in the process of transferring authority and exchanging information. According to the tradition, the commanders guarding the eastern gate and northern gate have gone to greet the Fourth Prince. Sir, are you going to do it as well?”

“The Fourth Prince is now in charge of the defense of the western gate? How is this possible?” Granello was surprised and shocked.

Right now, even a beggar on the street in St. Petersburg knew that the Fourth Prince was good for nothing and could only act fancy. This young man loved fighting for power, was arrogant, but lacked any sorts of talent. He got the chance to lead a troop when the Ten-Empire United Troops invaded Zenit, but he was crushed in the southern battlefield due to his carelessness, and he lost the love from Emperor Yassin. From that moment on, he had been given the cold treatment and became an idle royal member.

“How come such a useless and clueless figure got the responsibility of guarding a city gate? Are the Imperial Military Headquarters and Emperor Yassin both confused and lost their minds? We are facing the Barcelona Empire, the empire that is rumored to have the most powerful military on the continent. How important is the duty of defending one side of the defense wall? Even those elite generals who had been through many battles would be diligent and wouldn’t even take off their armor when taking quick naps. Letting the useless Fourth Prince guard the defense wall? If he makes a mistake that is utilized by Barcelonans, the entire city will become a living hell, and tens of millions of citizens will be turned into ghosts!” Granello thought to himself.

After thinking for a moment, he decided to visit Fourth Prince Chrystal.

Granello was one of the key figures on Second Prince Dominguez’s side, and he didn’t need to show the Fourth Prince any respect. However, this situation was too strange, and he had to check it out.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    Chrystal is the most obvious traitor in the history of scumbags. It’s so obvious that it’s almost disappointing…

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