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Hail the King Chapter 1051.1

Chapter 1051: Past Events (Part One)

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Emperor Yassin was extremely sad at that time. Even many years after that incident, he never mentioned Queen Jolie, and others didn’t dare to mention the name of Queen of Radiance, afraid that it would trigger the unhappy memories in the emperor’s mind and bring tragedies to themselves.

Ever since that incident, the beautiful and kind Queen of Radiance and the missing Third Prince all became forbidden topics in the Royal Palace, and others tried their best to avoid those topics.

However, everyone knew that Emperor Yassin has never forgotten the Queen of Radiance. After that incident, the position of the queen was always empty.

Although other concubines gave birth to the Elder Prince and the Fourth Prince and a mysterious woman who had never been to the Royal Palace gave birth to the Second Prince, and while Emperor Yassin liked all three of his sons, only a few of the people closest to Emperor Yassin such as Akinfeev knew that this genius emperor who dominated the Northern Region of Azeroth liked the missing Third Prince who he has never met before, the most.

Back then, Emperor Yassin was in his prime and unrivaled, and he went to execute a plan with his henchmen such as Doumbia right before the Queen of Radiance gave birth. However, Emperor Yassin got schemed against by others; he was severely injured, and other seven henchmen including Doumbia died.

Emperor Yassin almost died in that incident. When he barely made it back, he heard the news of the Queen of Radiance’s death and the Third Prince being missing.

All these events combined constituted the biggest setback that Emperor Yassin, who was in his prime, had ever experienced.

If the Third Prince were still alive today, he would be about 20 years old now.

Since Emperor Yassin loved the Third Prince the most, if he were still around, he would be the righteous successor of the throne. Regardless of how the Elder Prince and Second Prince fought, they wouldn’t be able to compete with the Queen of Radiance’s son.

“Your Majesty, don’t be too sad. The Third Prince is only missing. Perhaps he will return one day.” In the entire empire, only Akinfeev dared to say such things to Emperor Yassin.

“Hehe, haha!” Emperor Yassin suddenly thought of something, and a rare gentle expression appeared on his face. While laughing, he said, “Igor, I told you that you are the only person who I completely trust. Today, I will tell you a giant secret! I have held this secret in my mind for 20 years! It is finally time to unveil it.”

Akinfeev was shocked, and he thought, “Something that Emperor Yassin kept as a secret for 20 years? It must be shocking to say the least. Could it be that… it is related to that giant conspiracy from 20 years ago?”

“Do you still remember Miasnikov?” Emperor Yassin walked to the Execution Knight Captain and sat down before him while speaking with a reminiscent expression.

“Of course. The eight of us were Your Majesty’s study buddies, and Brother Miasnikov was the steadiest, most detailed-oriented, and most powerful. He was well trusted by Your Majesty. However, Brother Miasnikov went with Your Majesty to that place and died in battle…” While talking about this name, sadness appeared in Akinfeev’s eyes.

Emperor Yassin suddenly laughed and looked at the Execution Knight Captain before interrupting him, “If I told you that Miasnikov didn’t follow me to that place and stayed behind in St. Petersburg, what would you think?”

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  1. Artos

    I have a feeling fei is the lost prince and that incident was why he was mentally challenged

  2. Alex Bentes

    Lampard = Miasnikov

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