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Hail the King Chapter 1052.1

Chapter 1052: The Third Prince’s Whereabouts (Part One)

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“What secret code did Brother Miasnikov leave behind?” Akinfeev got excited.

“Eh, I thought that he died in the incident at the Royal Palace. After all, the Royal Palace was turned into a flatland, and countless people died. There were many corpses, and I couldn’t even find Jolie’s body. However, on the night of the third day, when I went to the collapsed Royal Palace to remember the fallen ones, I coincidentally discovered the secret code that Miasnikov left behind so that I could reach him… I didn’t alert anyone at that time, and I followed the secret code myself. I was overjoyed when I discovered that Miasnikov saved the Third Prince on that day and escaped from the Royal Palace. I guessed that the situation must be tragic, and the strength of the enemies was too powerful. Miasnikov couldn’t fight back and could only escape while being chased. He didn’t have time to notify anyone else and could only leave secret codes for me…”

While thinking back to that day, Emperor Yassin no longer looked like a majestic ruler of the land as he expressed his love toward his wife who passed away, his son who was almost killed, and his brothers who had fallen.

After a pause, Emperor Yassin continued, “Miasnikov was the strongest among the eight of you, and he was the most careful. Although he couldn’t defeat those enemies who were after him, he hid along the way and wasn’t captured. He was worried that the enemies still had traps set up in St. Petersburg as well as on the path that I would take to come back. Therefore, he couldn’t leave my child at St. Petersburg or try to find me. He could only travel north and continued to escape from the enemies. He escaped for more than 20 days and was in critical danger several times, and he was also critically injured. In the end, he got to Chambord City and settled down the Third Prince before passing away. Of course, this is the information that I got after I followed the secret codes and clues.”

“Brother Miasnikov was indeed the most powerful and most reliable out of all of us.”

Akinfeev was already crying at this moment. He should be the one who was in charge of everything and taking care of everyone. However, he wasn’t able to perform and let the tragedy happen. Although the enemies were way too strong for Zenit, Akinfeev still couldn’t forgive himself. Now hearing Miasnikov’s heroic and tragic story, he got even sadder and felt like he let down his brothers.

“Alright, Igor, you don’t need to blame yourself.”

Emperor Yassin knew this brother of his very well. Akinfeev was the youngest out of Emperor Yassin’s eight study buddies, and they all treated him like a little brother. During the incident that happened about 20 years ago, Akinfeev battled to the end and almost died. He was unconscious when he was found. It wasn’t like he didn’t try his best; he didn’t need to shoulder all the pressure and guilt.

Akinfeev nodded and suddenly realized something in the next second. He asked in surprise, “Brother Miasnikov ended up in Chambord City? So, the Third Prince is in Chambord City?”

“That is right. I followed the secret codes that Miasnikov left behind and ended up finding his corpse and the child that Jolie and I made.” Emperor Yassin nodded.

When he thought back to when he finally met his son, a warm smile appeared on his face. At this moment, he was no longer the dominating and cruel emperor; he was only a father who loved his child.

“Then, why didn’t Your Majesty bring the Third Prince back to St. Petersburg? If you taught him yourself, he might not be inferior compared to the King of Chambord. He would be a young and talented prince for sure. After all, when the Third Prince was born, phenomenon…” Akinfeev was curious as to why the Third Prince never appeared in St. Petersburg.

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