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Hail the King Chapter 1052.2

Chapter 1052: The Third Prince’s Whereabouts (Part Two)

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Clearly, Emperor Yassin didn’t bring back the Third Prince.

“You still remember the phenomenon that appeared when my third son was born? Images of gods appeared, and godly battle songs resonated in the sky…”

The smile on Emperor Yassin’s face was still gentle, and he said heroically with conviction, “Although I didn’t make it back in time to see it, all the citizens in St. Petersburg saw it; it must be true. Hehe, the child that Jolie and I made must be unique and influential!”

“That is right. When the Third Prince was being born, holy battle songs suddenly resonated in the sky, and red clouds enveloped the area. Many godly shadows flashed by, and everyone said that the Third Prince must be the reincarnation of a prestigious godly king, and he will inherit Your Majesty’s will and ambition and might even unite the Azeroth Continent!”

Although it had been about 20 years, Akinfeev still looked shocked when he thought back to what happened on that day.

“Yeah, the reincarnation of a godly king… This must be the reason that triggered the whole incident. How can those people let the reincarnation of a godly king appear in this world? That is why they chased after an infant who was only three days old while scheming against me,” Emperor Yassin sighed and said, “That is why I didn’t bring my child back to St. Petersburg. In fact, I didn’t even dare to go and formally accept that child as my third son. Once those people know that my child isn’t dead, they will come back. Even I can’t protect him.”

“Oh? That is the reason? So, Your Majesty, you haven’t told the Third Prince his real identity yet?” Akinfeev suddenly understood the situation, and he realized what Emperor Yassin was trying to do. He didn’t know the phenomenon that occurred when the Third Prince was born became the nail in the coffin. Queen Jolie died because of it, and the Third Prince was almost killed as well.

The enemies were too powerful, and even Emperor Yassin didn’t dare to go and let the Third Prince know what was going on.

“Yeah, even though I would sometimes go and look at him from afar, I never told him anything.” Emperor Yassin nodded and said, “In the beginning, I felt like this was a blessing in disguise for this child. At least he didn’t have to be involved in the grudges and complex connections of his father, especially involving that terrifying organization. Unfortunately, I finally discovered the problem when the child was about five years old. Perhaps due to the injuries that he suffered when he was on the run with Miasnikov, his brain was damaged, and he became dull and dumb. He was inferior to an ordinary person, and he lost all potential talent in cultivation. I tried many methods in secret and wanted to heal him, but they were all useless. Ah! I hated myself and the enemies when that happened.”

“How is this possible? The Third Prince… he…” Akinfeev was shocked. “How could such a thing happen?”

Regardless if it were toward Emperor Yassin, the Queen of Radiance who passed away, or the Third Prince who was in danger as soon as he was born, this ending was too cruel. A person who should be one of the most talented figures in the world became an idiot after that tragedy. This child’s fate was too cruel.

“This discovery made me give up my plan of nurturing him in secret. Although I still love this child and can die for him, I can’t let my personal feelings take over me, and I can’t make him the ruler of Zenit. I’m a father, but I’m also an emperor. I need to be responsible toward the officials who are loyal to me and the citizens who love me. After I found out about that, I thought being an ordinary person and living a comfortable and peaceful life might be the best ending for this child who experienced so many trials and tribulations.”

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