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Hail the King Chapter 1053.1

Chapter 1053: It Is Him (Part One)

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“However, nothing in this world is 100 percent. If a genius is destined to be unusual, no one can stop his rise. Just like that child… I thought that he was going to be ordinary for the rest of his life due to the brain injury, and I was prepared to guard him and make sure that he was safe and comfortable for the rest of his life in this remote kingdom. However, this little guy who had been dull for the first 18 years of his life gave me a huge surprise; it was a miracle.” A satisfied and overjoyed expression finally appeared on Emperor Yassin’s face.

This expression rarely appeared on this genius emperor’s face ever since the Queen of Radiance passed away about 20 years ago. At least Akinfeev never saw this expression on Emperor Yassin’s face.

“A huge surprise? A miracle? Your Majesty, you mean that the Third Prince suddenly recovered when he was 18 years old?” Akinfeev was also moved by Emperor Yassin’s joy, and a thought suddenly flashed in his mind like a bolt of lightning. An unimaginable idea appeared in his mind, and he stuttered as a shocked expression appeared on his face, “Your Majesty… you mean… you mean… Chambord City… Could it be the King of Chambord?”

“You finally guessed it?”

Emperor Yassin stood up and laughed, “That is right. That little Alexander! He is my third son who had been missing for the last 20 years! He is the Third Prince of Zenit and Jolie’s and my child! I, Yassin, dominated the Northern Region of Azeroth in my life, and everything that I did was shocking. Haha, I never thought that this son of mine would be my biggest achievement in my life.”

“It is real?” Akinfeev was so shocked that he instantly stood up. “So, Alexander is the missing Third Prince? Hahaha! He is indeed the most talented genius that people have ever seen. A 20-year-old demi-god? How many people are on this level in history? That is right. Only the Third Prince who created such a phenomenon when he was born could have such shocking talent! Haha! This is great!”

At this moment, the Execution Knight Captain, the person who many officials feared and was serious all the time, was so excited that he laughed and cried at the same time as he couldn’t put a sentence together like a little kid.

“Eh? Wait, something is off.” After being excited for a while, Akinfeev suddenly thought of something and asked, “Alexander is the old King of Chambord’s son. Everyone knows this, and there are historical records that can be traced. If he is the Third Prince of Zenit, then where did the son of the old King of Chambord go?”

“Granello! You are truly arrogant! Fourth Prince His Highness has been here to take over the defense of the western gate for more than an hour, and the commanders of the eastern gate and northern gate had been here already. You are the only one who is late. Do you still have the Royal Family and the Fourth Prince in your eyes?”

The atmosphere outside the watchtower on the western gate was intense.

The middle-aged officer behind the Fourth Prince shouted at [Red Beard] Granello.

Arrogantly sitting on a big chair covered in fur outside the watchtower, the young Fourth Prince Chrystal’s handsome face looked vicious and gloomy under the illumination of the light. He looked smug as he obtained power again, and he looked down at Granello like a coyote as his white teeth were shown, making others feel cold and chilly.

Fourth Prince Chrystal didn’t say anything to the officer who scolded Granello, and he stared at Granello with his gloomy eyes. It was clear that he was waiting for Granello’s response.

However, Granello was backed by Second Prince Dominguez, so he didn’t budge.

“Who are you? How dare you shout at me?” [Red Beard] Granello was never someone who would take it and endure everything. His sharp gaze made that middle-aged officer feel nervous, and that man looked down.

[TL Note: LOL, the foreshadowing had been too strong. I mean, how many of you are surprised?]

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  1. laneofmagic

    Yeah.. Pretty much everyone guessed that Alexander might be the mysterious third son, ever since he was first introduced..
    Yashin was always strangely attracted to him from the beginning.

  2. Apellon

    I feel the foreshadowing was good in the beginning… but once it started talking about a 3rd prince missing and all, the way this “legend” got introduced was a bit forceful and pretty easy to guess… i like it – but it could have been a little less obvious when some key piece of informations were released.

  3. Matt Walicki

    I call bulls–t late add on. If this was true chombard would not have been on the verge of falling to like a 3 star force. Nor getting beer by the local nobility at the start of the book . He would have some hidden support

    • Hamed El Ghoul

      like yassin said he needed to be stealthy otherwise the ones who are after him will notice probably the only support that fei got is lampard and the previouse king of chambord himself if he got too much attention people will know after all a lot of people are watching yassin

  4. Jay

    Yeah yeah yeah alexander third prince blah blah
    The foreshadowing gave it all away already

    But what made me rofl was if the fourth prince is the real prince of chambord lol

  5. Nuex Mark

    so emperor yassin would have helpe fei during the coronation if his life was in danger during the clash between the elder princess and paris?meh….

  6. kurfish

    Bullpoop, bet author came up with this when the 3rd prince missing came up

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