Chapter 1054: Chambord’s Weapons Can’t Be Aimed at Our People (Part One)

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Seeing this, the commanders of the eastern gate and northern gate sweated profusely as they thought, “This Fourth Prince is reckless to this degree! He is using the magic crossbows that are supposed for defending the city against our own! Is he crazy? He is a madman! Fortunately, I’m not Granello. If I fall into this trap, I wouldn’t even be able to control my own fate.”

“Now, if you kneel and kowtow to apologize to me, I won’t kill you.” The Fourth Prince felt like he controlled everything, and he pushed Granello with a vicious expression.

Granello turned around and looked at Chrystal as if he was looking at an idiot. He sneered and said, “You are such a dumb pig. If you weren’t born in the Royal Family, you would have starved on the side of a street. Ridiculous! And you want to inherit the throne? You can’t do anything in terms of military or the management of the empire. What can you do to compete with Zenit’s God of War? With Second Prince His Highness? I’m going to stand here today. You can try to issue the order and see if you can kill me!”

[Red Beard] Granello had never been so angry before.

Although he had been one of the most trusted henchmen of Dominguez, and he had a high status, he had always been low-profile and thoughtful. Even when he disliked someone, he never showed it on his face. However, it seemed like he changed into another person today.

Granello truly hated the Fourth Prince. Only idiots and crazy people could joke with the defense of St. Petersburg and the lives of millions and millions of citizens.

“You… alright. You dare to insult the Royal Family and look down at His Majesty! What can Dominguez do after I kill you tonight? You are asking for this yourself! Kill him! Kill him!” Fourth Prince Chrystal was so angry that he instantly ordered the soldiers to shoot out the arrows.

Creak! Creak! Creak!

The noises of bowstrings tightening intensified, and it felt like the noises were hammering everyone’s mind. People in the area were terrified, and none of them thought that things would get to this degree where the Fourth Prince was going to shoot and kill an important general.

“Chambord’s weapons aren’t meant to kill our own.” At this moment, a calm yet refutable voice sounded by everyone’s ear.

A big figure slowly stood out from behind Granello. He was wearing tight-fitting leather armor and carrying a giant black sword, and his long red hair fluttered in the night like a cloud of dancing flames.

This man stood there calmly, but the operators of the magic crossbows didn’t dare to release the bowstrings.

Fourth Prince Chrystal and his henchmen’s expressions all changed. They recognized this man; he was a powerful master of Chambord, Golden Lion Lampard!

This man was so terrifyingly powerful that he could rival a demi-god of Barcelona, and the [Dragon Slayers] of Chambord were nothing in the eyes of people on his level.

Also, since Lampard walked out from behind Granello, he clearly stated his stance. He was with Granello.

This wasn’t difficult to understand. Everyone in St. Petersburg knew that the King of Chambord’s relationships with the different princes weren’t the same. His relationship with Elder Prince Arshavin was rocky in the beginning, but it slowly got neutral later. His relationship with Second Prince Dominguez was good. Because of Demonic Woman Paris, the King of Chambord’s relationship with the Second Prince could be counted as great.

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