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Hail the King Chapter 1054.2

Chapter 1054: Chambord’s Weapons Can’t Be Aimed at Our People (Part Two)

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As one of the most powerful warriors under the King of Chambord’s command, it wasn’t strange that Golden Lion Lampard stood with Granello.

Now that such a powerful figure appeared, Fourth Prince Chrystal’s plans for tonight went to waste.

With an ugly expression, the Fourth Prince coughed awkwardly and laughed, “So… Mr. Lampard, you are here as well. This is… is surprising!”

Although Lampard was only the warrior of an affiliated kingdom, strength was the most important thing in this world. The status of someone who was almost a supreme master was above the emperor of a little empire. Therefore, Chrystal didn’t dare to be reckless in front of Lampard.

However, Lampard didn’t even look at Chrystal. He said, “Don’t aim at our people with the weapons that Chambord made.”

After saying that, Lampard, Granello, and others all turned around and left. The hundreds of elite soldiers all moved to the sides and made a path for them.

No one dared to block such a powerful master, and the Star-Level Warriors who were operating the [Dragon Slayers] didn’t have the courage to aim at those people.

People only dare to breathe heavily again when Granello and others disappeared after making a turn at a corner of the defense wall.

“Damn it!” Fourth Prince Chrystal didn’t know how to vent his frustration, and he somehow cursed out in public.

“Your Highness, this Lampard is too arrogant. He even dared to be so self-important in front of you. We should send the execution knights of the Imperial Knight Palace to capture him and lock him inside the black jail…” the middle-aged officer who was terrified by Granello’s glare earlier flattered Chrystal and suggested.


Chrystal slapped this man and shouted in anger, “Are you a f*cking idiot? Is your head full of sh*t? How are you thinking about all this? He is almost a f*cking supreme master, and the King of Chambord, a demi-god, is behind him! How dare the Imperial Knight Palace arrest him? Those execution knights who messed with the King of Chambord are all being careful now! Who dares to mess with the King of Chambord and his people?”

The Fourth Prince completely lost it and cursed without holding back, completely losing his temper and temperament.

Others around him all thought to themselves in disdain, “This Fourth Prince sure is a wastrel who thinks he is important.”

However, none of them dared to say this out loud.

“This is why Brother Miasnikov was smart. While he was being chased by the enemies, he knew that they would soon find him and the child. Therefore, he sneaked into the Royal Palace of Chambord and switched out the Third Prince with the old King of Chambord’s son who was less than a day old. Then, he hid in the Endless Sea of Forests for several days. Later, Miasnikov exposed his whereabouts on purpose, making the enemies kill him and the child,” Emperor Yassin said apologetically, “The enemies thought that the target was killed and no longer investigated it further. The Third Prince got saved as well. However, I feel sorry for the old King of Chambord as he lost his son.”

Now, Akinfeev realized everything and sighed, “There was no way around it. We can only blame the enemies who were cruel and vicious. However, letting the Third Prince of the empire be that old king’s son for 20 years is a big compensation for him.”

“Although we can say that now, a life is still a life. My child is important, and so was his.” Emperor Yassin shook his head and said, “I owe the old King of Chambord too much, and that is why I have secretly been kind toward this kingdom.”

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  1. sonnzz

    Kind? When?

    • goldenxman

      It a web novel wait for the LN for correction , all novels have plot holes.

  2. Nuex Mark

    riiiighhhtttttttt…kind? bullshit u let other affiliated kingdom bullied and harassed chambord citizens making them slaves to other kingdoms (ehem black stone mine scenario) and didn’t even do s--t when that blood sword mercenary group were kidnaping chambordian to be sold off as slaves..and when where u when that lvl 4 empire black warrior army 1st attack chambored for its mythical ruins..author yo full of s--t

  3. jackred

    thinking about it chambord was a much higher ranking Kingdom For many years it started declining As the old king got older and finally fell all the way down to six due to Alexander’s Being dumb Most likely it was sending Lampert to the kingdom and elevating it

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