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Hail the King Chapter 1055.1

Chapter 1055: Lampard’s Identity (Part One)

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“However, the Chambord Kingdom is on the rise because of the Third Prince. Now, Chambord has many masters and excellent generals. Its level of magic civilization is so high that it’s terrifying. Even the Royal Family of Zenit might not be able to compare to it. In a sense, the Chambord Kingdom already received the benefit from this.” Due to the hierarchical structure in this world, Akinfeev had little respect toward the old King of Chambord.

In Akinfeev’s eyes, the Third Prince was a high-level royal of Zenit, and being inside a little level 6 affiliated kingdom for so many years made up for everything.

Emperor Yassin nodded as well.

“What you said is right. Right now, Chambord’s strength is far beyond that of Zenit. Even ignoring the strength of Alexander, the other gold saints, and the Chambordian soldiers who are much more powerful than the elite soldiers of Zenit, just Mr. Hazel Bank and Golden Lion Lampard have combat strengths equivalent to demi-gods. A little 1 affiliated kingdom with two demi-gods? There isn’t another force in the Northern Region of Azeroth that can be compared to it. Time seemed to have reversed, and I feel like I’m seeing the scene where Zenit rose from being an affiliated kingdom to becoming an empire.”

“This sure is surprising. I also used the intelligence networks of the Imperial Knight Palace to investigate this. Mr. Hazel Bank seems to be a powerful figure who the Third Prince recruited after he became powerful. Even though he is mysterious, this isn’t surprising. What surprised me was Golden Lion Lampard’s identity. He was only a water-elemental Three-Star Warrior. After he switched to cultivating lightning-elemental warrior energy, his strength skyrocketed. In less than three years, he became a powerful warrior who is close to the level of supreme masters. Such talent is shocking! Although genius generals under the Third Prince such as Drogba and Pierce also increased in strength, none of them are as powerful as the Golden Lion. We don’t know his background. The fact that he is following the Third Prince might mean that he is after something else.”

Akinfeev appeared a little concerned when talking about the masters of Chambord.

In the last year or so, Chambord had been growing in power quickly, and it threatened the Royal Family of Zenit. Therefore, the Imperial Knight Palace did a ton of secret investigations under Akinfeev’s command. Everyone at Chambord was investigated, and everyone seemed fine except for Golden Lion Lampard. This man’s growth almost wasn’t inferior compared to the King of Chambord, making Akinfeev worried.

Now knowing that King Alexander of Chambord was the missing Third Prince of Zenit, he became even more worried.

“Hehe, you don’t have to worry too much about this. This person is 100 percent reliable.” As if he knew something, Emperor Yassin smiled lightheartedly and said, “I met with this golden lion a long time ago, and I finally realized that this person was actually Brother Miasnikov’s friend. He is the last hidden card that Brother Miasnikov left in this world.”

“What? He is an acquaintance of Brother Miasnikov?” Akinfeev was shocked, and he got excited.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    “In Akinfeev’s eyes, the Third Prince was a high-level royal of Zenit, and being inside a little level 6 affiliated kingdom for so many years made up for everything.”

    What kind of garbage logic is that?
    The late king should be grateful that his son was replaced with a retarded one from another man? He didn’t even get to see the rise of Alexander and probably died with worry and regret. This elitist bullshit is really despicable.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more…Law of the jungle or not this is just BS

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