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Hail the King Chapter 1055.2

Chapter 1055: Lampard’s Identity (Part Two)

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“That is right. Brother Miasnikov is indeed one of those rare geniuses who are also wise. He considered issues from many angles and was very careful. After he switched the Third Prince with the son of the old King of Chambord, Brother Miasnikov was determined to die. He was planning to use his and the infant’s death to eliminate the enemies’ worries. This was the only way that they could be fooled. If those vicious and thoughtful people learned that Brother Miasnikov stayed in Chambord for a while, they would have killed all the infants who were recently born along Brother Miasnikov’s escape path. Brother Miasnikov’s plan did fool the chasing enemies, but he thought about another issue that couldn’t be overlooked.”

“Another issue? What problem?” Akinfeev was shocked.

“Brother Miasnikov thought about the case where the secret codes and marks that he left in the Royal Palace and along the way weren’t discovered by us. If that happened, no one would know about the Third Prince’s identity, and there would be no way that the Third Prince can return to the Royal Family. Therefore, before Brother Miasnikov started his plan in Chambord, he connected with his junior brother using their secret method and met up in Chambord. He told his junior brother everything and asked the latter to protect the Third Prince. After this was over, his junior brother could then deliver the Third Prince back to me,” Emperor Yassin lamented, “Miasnikov, he was a great brother! He thought about everything for me and the Third Prince, but he didn’t think about himself. I owe him big time!”

“Brother Miasnikov was indeed the most talented and intelligent among the eight of us. If he were still alive today, he would have already become a demi-god and would be of great assistance to Your Majesty.” It was evident that Akinfeev admired Miasnikov who was like his big brother. After lamenting, Akinfeev asked, “Then, Golden Lion Lampard is Brother Miasnikov’s junior brother?”

“That is right. It is Lampard.” Emperor Yassin nodded and said, “I believe you remember that Brother Miasnikov was fortunate and followed a mysterious traveling supreme master, learning from this master for a while. He mentioned that he had a junior brother who was a genius and more talented than him.”

“You are right. I remember him saying that.” After thinking for a while, Akinfeev vaguely remembered Miasnikov saying these worlds. Back then, Miasnikov praised his junior brother all the time.

“This Frank Lampard is a brave and virtuous warrior. About 20 years ago, he was cultivating lightning-elemental warrior energy and already achieved peak Half Moon Realm. He was already a master, and he could have broken through the Moon-Class and entered the Sun-Class in a few years. However, after getting his senior brother’s letter and understanding the danger that was involved, he knew that this trip might change his life, yet he still came to Chambord without hesitation. He accepted his senior brother’s request, and he also did something shocking.”

“What was it?”

“He broke his peak Half Moon Realm and destroyed his lightning-elemental warrior energy. Instead, he switched to the water-elemental warrior energy. Because of this, he was severely injured, and he could barely keep his strength at Three-Star Realm,” Emperor Yassin sighed.

“Destroyed his own warrior energy? Why did he do that?” Akinfeev couldn’t understand it.

[TL Note: This chapter is a bit shorter, but there are a few longer chapters coming.]

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    So much exposition bah

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    it’s exactly like a dog having the shadow of a dragon , i honestly expected better form Lampard’s back story

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