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Hail the King Chapter 1056.1

Chapter 1056: Commenting on the Princes (Part One)

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“The reason is simple. Miasnikov cultivated lightning-elemental warrior energy, and he learned everything from the same master. As a result, Lampard’s warrior energy and techniques were almost identical to those of Miasnikov. It would be easy to discover the connection between the two. Besides, wouldn’t it be strange to see a peak Half Moon Elite inside a little level 6 affiliated kingdom?”

After hearing Emperor Yassin’s explanation, Akinfeev instantly understood the situation.

Since those enemies were so cruel and cunning, if they discovered a tiny connection and possibility, they would investigate it until it was the end of the world. As long as they started to do thorough investigations, they would soon discover the truth. Even if they couldn’t be sure, the enemies would destroy the Chambord Kingdom to kill all possible threats. The enemies were willing to kill tens of thousands of innocent people instead of risking letting go of the real target.

For the safety of the Third Prince, Miasnikov didn’t dare to take any risks. Therefore, he did all these things and tried to avoid any possible holes in his story. If Akinfeev were in Miasnikov’s position, he wouldn’t have done such a thorough job.

“It is rare to come by a man like Miasnikov’s junior brother. Lampard treated his promise as the most important thing in the world. He could have stayed out of this, but he directly destroyed his own warrior foundation at Miasnikov’s request, and he stayed in the remote Chambord Kingdom for 20 years. Both these men are unique and rare! I rarely admire others, but I will never forget these two in my lifetime,” Emperor Yassin said to Akinfeev.

“I see!” The Execution Knight Captain was shocked, and he felt like he was far inferior when compared to his big brother who passed away many years ago. Both in terms of strength and intelligence, he knew that he couldn’t be compared to Miasnikov or this junior brother named Lampard.

After a while, Akinfeev sighed and said, “There is such a winding story behind all this. It is fortunate that the Third Prince was saved, and the Golden Lion Lampard received his reward. He went back to cultivating lightning-elemental warrior energy, and he is promoted by Third Prince His Highness, becoming someone who is about to transform into a supreme master. Give and take! All of it was set in fate! Without the accumulated good fortune of the last 20 years, it would be hard for Lampard to achieve his current height today.”

“After Lampard destroyed his own strength, he was severely injured. He switched to water-elemental warrior energy and slowly became a Three-Star Warrior, and he suppressed his injuries after many years. He didn’t know that I discovered the Third Prince’s whereabouts, and he memorized his senior brother’s request and came to St. Petersburg many times, trying to get a chance to explain everything to me. Unfortunately, the Royal Palace was tightly guarded, and he didn’t get a chance. Later, as the Third Prince grew older and became dull, he was worried that I wouldn’t recognize my son like other foolish emperors in history. Therefore, he gave up trying to see me, but he continued to stay in Chambord, taking care of the Third Prince. Later, he coincidently became the old King of Chambord’s great friend. When the old King of Chambord passed away, he still stayed in Chambord and protected the Third Prince. In a sense, he is my third son’s savior, and he also changed my life,” Emperor Yassin said with an apologetic tone.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    Wasn’t Chambord a lvl 4 kingdom, when the old king was still alive? :’)
    Not that those would have moon class masters.

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