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Hail the King Chapter 1057.1

Chapter 1057: Last Chance (Part One)

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Akinfeev thought about it and felt like it was true.

Although there were some talented young people in this generation of Zenitians, they were nothing compared to King Alexander of Chambord who was like a monster. Even the citizens of Zenit in other regions admired the King of Chambord, let alone the people in the Chambord Kingdom. It was previously thought that the King of Chambord couldn’t become the emperor of Zenit due to his bloodline, but now that this barrier was removed. Since he was the Third Prince of Zenit, he was the best candidate to inherit the throne.

Besides, from Emperor Yassin’s tone, Akinfeev heard that the emperor was pleased with the son that he had with the Queen of Radiance, and he loved this son the most. Therefore, there was no question of who was going to be the next emperor.

The only thing was…

“Then, how is Your Majesty going to connect with the King of Chambord and re-establish the father-son relationship? If Your Majesty wants Alexander His Highness to inherit the throne, his identity as the Third Prince has to be officially confirmed.” Akinfeev voiced the most urgent matter.

“Eh, after the war with Barcelona.” While saying this, Emperor Yassin looked a little anxious just like how an ordinary father would behave in this situation. “I wonder if this kid is willing to return to my side. Would all this be a little too abrupt and sudden for him?”

If it were anyone else, they would be thrilled and overjoyed after discovering that they were the son of Emperor Yassin who was a supreme ruler of the land. However, it was different for the King of Chambord who was a supreme master. While ignoring all other factors, Chambord’s current strength and reputation weren’t inferior compared to the Royal Family of Zenit. In fact, Chambord was more powerful in these aspects. Also, the King of Chambord was a reckless character, and it was hard to say that he was going to accept Emperor Yassin as his father for sure.

Akinfeev laughed and said, “Your Majesty, since you are too invested in this, your mind isn’t clear. As long as Golden Lion Lampard who is 100 percent trusted and respected by Alexander His Highness validates the claim, everything can be explained, and the Third Prince will believe you. Besides, even though Your Majesty didn’t reveal his royal identity, you have been caring for him. The bond between a family is strong and can’t be wiped away. Also, the Third Prince isn’t someone extreme and stubborn; he will accept you for sure.”

“I hope so. The only thing is that those old enemies will discover the truth, and they will focus their attention on Alexander,” Emperor Yassin sighed and took out a scroll from his storage ring. This scroll was perfectly sealed by his demi-godly power. He handed it to Akinfeev and said, “This is my secret edict, and you must keep it a secret and protect it. If anything happens in the empire, it might be of use.”

“Your Majesty, you…” After accepting the edict, Akinfeev suddenly felt something ominous.

In the past, Emperor Yassin was heroic and dominating, glancing around without fear and standing on top of the peak like a celestial immortal. He had never been so emotional and chitchatted like this before.

It seemed like Emperor Yassin descended in the mortal world and talked to Akinfeev for a long time, and he sounded a little dispirited.

Akinfeev thought to himself, “Could it be that this demi-god vaguely sensed something about his fate? Is this why he is having this long conversation with me in his palace?”

After carefully putting away the edict, Akinfeev looked up subconsciously and was shocked to find that Emperor Yassin looked a little aged and lethargic. He grew even more worried, but he didn’t know what to say.

Then, Emperor Yassin and Akinfeev talked about many things.

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