Chapter 1058: Getting Ready for Battle, and the King’s Status (Part One)

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“Wait for a second, we need to discuss this a little and not make a rushed decision.” Brook blocked Torres and said after thinking for a while, “Since Alexander His Majesty decided to stay in the [Banished Land], it means that there is something more important for him to finish. Torres, you can first tell us the rough situation at the [Banished Land]. Since His Majesty sent you back, he must have something for you to do.”

“You are right. Damn it! I almost forgot about it.”

Torres patted his head, and cold sweat appeared all over his body; he almost forgot something important and ruined Fei’s grand plan. Although Torres was thoughtful and careful during normal days, he would get anxious when experiencing something major.

After hearing what Brook said, Torres calmed down. He took out the letters that Fei wrote to Brook and Bast as he explained the king’s plan to them.

The secret chamber was extremely quiet under the illumination of the orange magic lights.

After about half an hour, Bast and Brook finally finished reading the king’s letter, and they both heaved a sigh of relief. They looked at each other and saw the seriousness and joy in each other’s eyes.

“This time, His Majesty is after something big!”

“According to the king’s plan, if we can really turn the behemoth orcs into an allied force, then this tribe that has hundreds of demi-gods and potential a few true gods is powerful enough to help Zenit wipe through the Northern Region of Azeroth and unite the area. Even Barcelona would be overrun and wouldn’t be able to return. The only thing is that it seems like there isn’t much time.”

“We need to buy as much time as possible for His Majesty. We have to last until His Majesty’s return.”

“If the situation gets really critical, we must ask Batistuta and other masters of [Black-Cloth Shrine] to go and assist the Royal Family of Zenit. Although the military of Chambord is filled with elite soldiers, they are limited in number, and there aren’t any supreme masters. They can’t pose a real threat to the troops of Barcelona.”

“It is unfortunate; the 500 mystical gold war puppets that the king left for us before his departure can only receive basic commands and protect Chambord City; they can’t be sent to St. Petersburg. Otherwise, these 500 war machines might be able to crush the Barcelonans.”

“I wonder how everything is going at the Capital of Anji. How are Professor Cain and Akara doing? Later, we will send Inzagi His Highness to the Capital of Anji and pass His Majesty’s orders to the two professors. Also, we need to inform Ms. Charsi’s team in the arsenal at [Sky City]. They might need to work overtime. If we want to teleport that many orcs back to the Azeroth Continent from the [Banished Land], we would need at least 5,000 super-long-distance teleportation arrays, and they have to be the portable teleportation arrays that the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory improved.”

“That is right! This situation is urgent! We must get busy!”

After Brook and Bast urgently discussed this, they quickly created a detailed plan. After going over every step in detail again and making sure that there weren’t any mistakes, Brook quickly walked away. As a nation, Chambord started to operate like a well-oiled machine. Thousands of officials, the military, and the various secret departments started to work at a fast and orderly pace.

Bast opened a magic recording scroll and repeated the situation that the Zenit Empire and the Chambord Kingdom were currently facing in detail. Then, he listened to it and added a bit more details before sealing it and giving it to Torres.

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