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Hail the King Chapter 1059.1

Chapter 1059: Chaotic Continent and Changes on the Battlefield (Part One)

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[TL Note: This is a 2-in-1 chapter, so 4 parts.]

Time quickly passed by.

Like a volcano that had been quiet for thousands of years, chaos finally broke out on the Azeroth Continent. The Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern, and Central Regions all became a mess.

-In the Eastern Region of Azeroth-

The greedy Manchester City Empire was envious of the dwarfs’ forging techniques, and they used all kinds of methods including kidnapping to control the forge grandmasters of the dwarfs. Also, gnomes who loved inventions and adventures became the targets for humans. Especially after humans discovered that these races which had disappeared for a long time had many warrior energy and magic energy cultivation techniques from the Mystical Era and could create powerful war machines, they started to raid and rob these races without restraint.

As if it had opened Pandora’s box and released terrifying demons and plague, what Manchester City Empire did led the way for other powerful human empires in the Eastern Region of Azeroth to copy it. The Liverpool Empire, Manchester United Empire, and Arsenal Empire all got a good taste of this type of operation. They all moved many soldiers into this operation to capture dwarfs and gnomes.

Such despicable actions angered the dwarfs and gnomes who didn’t want wars.

A large-scale war exploded in the Eastern Region of Azeroth. In the first month, the greedy, proud, and conceited human troops paid a large price. Facing the sharp weapons of dwarfs and magic machines of gnomes, tens of millions of human soldiers were killed.

Like gasoline on fire, hatred was burning and permeated the air unstoppably.

-In the Western Region of Azeroth-

The Barcelona Empire and Madrid Empire were mortal enemies for thousands of years, and the war between them reached a boiling point. Almost all the empires in the Western Region were involved; about 40 empires had to join either side, and the flames and smoke of war traveled across the region.

After the initial peaceful adaptation, the Elf Empire that resided in the primitive forest experienced a shocking change as humans tried to get into their empire and pull them to their sides. The Elf Empire broke into three clans, which were Green Elves, Blood Elves, and Night Elves. The ferocious blood elves joined the Madrid Empire, and vicious and cunning night elves joined the Barcelona Empire. These two elf clans walked out of the poor primitive forest and slowly adapted to human society while forming powerful troops.

Only the peace-loving green elves stayed behind in the cold primitive forest. It was heard that this clan was the strongest, and it reserved the most strength. Recently, a descendant with the golden elf king bloodline appeared, and he was supported by the Moon Godly Temple and the Godly Temple of Nature, obtaining the title of Elf King.

This new elf king’s origin was passed around by the elves, and his story sounded legendary. Although there were many rumors, one thing was for sure; this new elf king wasn’t from the former Elf Realm, and he was a young man who grew up on the Azeroth Continent.

It was heard that this was the reason why the Elf Empire split. Except for the peace-loving green elves who were the most faithful and devoted believers, the blood elves and night elves who only respected powerful masters refused to accept this young man as the elf king, and they split with the godly temples and broke out of the Elf Empire.

-In the Southern Region of Azeroth-

The Southern Region of Azeroth was only slightly more powerful compared to the Northern Region which ranked last in terms of strength. Facing the crazy, greedy, and cruel goblins who had insane reproductive ability, the humans in the region were slowly pushed into a disadvantage.

These little short and ugly creatures that had the same level of alchemy and magic civilization as gnomes started their crazy expansion in the Southern Region of Azeroth. They walked completely against humans. In fact, they even treated humans as food. They were monsters in humans’ eyes.

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