Chapter 1059: Chaotic Continent and Changes on the Battlefield (Part Four)

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Such things had happened more than ten times.

To encourage the soldiers to fight against the enemies, the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters issued a new order. Anyone who decapitated an enemy would receive some military merits, and they would be rewarded after each battle.

This order came from a good place.

However, someone shameless came up with an idea and suggested the dumb Fourth Prince to select a few elite soldiers on the Star-Level and force them to go out of the city and decapitate the enemy soldiers who already died. This was one way of accumulating military merits.

In the beginning, the Fourth Prince got many benefits from it.

Since the Fourth Prince had more military merits compared to the other three gates, and he was a prince, the officials in the Imperial Military Headquarters didn’t get strict with him and instead gave him quite a few rewards.

Without a doubt, this pushed the Fourth Prince to do more of this shameless act, forcing the elite soldiers to do more risky things.

However, such actions enraged Barcelonans.

During one retreat, Barcelonans set up a trap and sent out many masters, killing half of 1,000 elite soldiers who came out of St. Petersburg. If it weren’t for Golden Lion Lampard who showed up and saved them, the rest of the elite soldiers would have been killed as well.

In such cruel battles, the life of a well-trained ordinary soldier was precious. However, due to this idiotic prince’s selfishness, 500 elite soldiers of Star-Level were killed. These 500 people were all mid-tier officers in a main battle legion! Losing one of them in such a fashion would be a big loss.

Although the soldiers and officials were angry, what could they do to this prince who seemed to be trusted by Emperor Yassin?

What enraged people more was that after the big loss, the Fourth Prince didn’t stop his idiotic behavior. He organized more Star-Level Warriors to do similar things. For his own gains, he forced the elite soldiers to do the dangerous deed. It was truly detestable.

It was heard that to force the elite soldiers to go down the defense wall and decapitate the corpses, the Fourth Prince killed a few officials who dared to go against his order, and he used these warriors’ loved ones as threats. He was truly despicable.

“No! I need to meet the Second Prince! I need to go into the Royal Palace and meet Emperor Yassin! I can’t let this idiot continue to kill the warriors of Zenit!”

Granello couldn’t hold it back anymore, and he roared.

At this moment, sudden changes occurred outside the defense wall.

The 200 elite soldiers of Zenit who were chasing after the retreating Barcelonans were suddenly attacked. About 40 mages suddenly emerged from the crowd, and they chanted and released terrifying offensive magic spells. Flames and thick smoke engulfed the battlefield, and roars and whines sounded from the smoke. Blood spilled in all directions, and broken limbs flew into the air.

“Quick! Send people to reinforce them!” Granello roared while his heart bled. The meaningless death of every Star-Level Warrior of Zenit infuriated him.

“Sir, there is no need! Look! We won!” Just as Granello was about to leap down the defense wall and reinforce his peers, his deputy commander suddenly grabbed him and pointed at the battlefield.

Granello looked up and saw that the dust had settled. More than half of the 40 Barcelonan mages died, and the rest escaped. About 50 elite soldiers of Zenit died, but they won this small skirmish. Right now, they were leaving the battlefield and retreating.

In a flash, about 150 people got below the defense wall and quickly climbed up using the ropes.

Granello heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, an ominous feeling hit him. He felt like he missed something.

In the next moment, four powerful figures flew into the sky from the campsites of Barcelona, and they dashed toward St. Petersburg with powerful auras. At the same time, the retreating troops of Barcelona suddenly turned around and shouted while charging back.

“Damn it! We fell for their trap!” Granello finally understood the situation, and his expression changed.

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