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Hail the King Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Touched a cactus?


‘The target is in that room,’ was what the black beast wanted to say.

Fei sneered.

He felt that after Hershzen traveled to this place, he stopped moving. Fei looked up and saw many people through the windows. From the feel of it, a few of them were way stronger than the guards in the yard. It was very bright in the building. People were walking around, talking and cheering; it seemed like there was a party going on.

“Ha, I’m so smart! I’ve taken these bastards by surprise! None of them will expect this!”

Fei decided not to give the opponents any breathing room.

He jumped on 【Black Tornado】as the beast jumped and charged up; they left a series of blurry afterimages in the air. He was sure that the one who was behind the scene was in this room. He didn’t hold back and kicked the wooden gate. The huge wooden gate that was carved from a hard black wood shattered into pieces and flew everywhere.

The party quieted down instantly.

Everyone here was shocked by this. After a brief moment of silence, people started yelling and screaming, and the sound of people drawing weapons followed.

“Who dares to interrupt?”

“Don’t you know that His Highness has guests over?”

“Guards, arrest this intruder!”

In a flash, the people in the building reacted. Eight simply dressed maids and a dozen guards pushed over the stone tables and chairs, and quickly surrounded a few people who seemed like the hosts and formed layers of human shield.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

That was the first thing that the big black dog did when it entered the building. The threatening deep roars dominated over all the other sounds. The crowd was surprised by the beast. “What is this? A horse? A dog? This thing is huge!” they all thought.

“Who are you?”

A brown haired, fancily dressed pretty boy pointed at Fei as he shouted angrily.

Fei sneered.

He decided to capture both the perpetrator and person behind the scene.

Therefore, the first thing he did when he entered the building was not to see who was in the building, but to locate where the man who tried to assassinate him was at by charging over and unleashing his level 21 Barbarian’s strength. A strong breeze blew inside the building.


Fei punched into the ground.

The force shattered the bluestone-tiled floor and created a crack in the ground.

Fei laughed as he reached down to the ground and pulled Hershzen who was half dead out of the ground by his hair as if he was pulling out a carrot.


The severely injured Hershzen was thrown in the middle of the building.

The orange-yellowish flame flashed through his body and his body was liquefying again; the man was trying to escape again. 【Black Tornado】 wasn’t going to give him the chance as it ran up and bit on Hershzen’s ankle with its sharp white teeth. The man gave a blood-curdling scream before he fainted.

The series of events happened in a few seconds.

Both 【Black Tornado】’s viciousness and Fei’s toughness shocked everyone.

A few guards who wanted to impress their masters felt their legs trembling and didn’t dare to move at all. The intruders were too violent; they didn’t doubt that the intruders could smash them into paste with just a single punch.

“Tell me, who are you guys, and why did you send an assassin to kill me, Chambord’s king?”

Fei stepped on Hershzen’s face that was covered in both mud and blood, glanced around, and observed everyone’s expression; none of them dared to look back at him in the eyes.

At this time, the guards outside rushed into the building.

What happened in the building was so loud that even the soldiers outside noticed the commotion. The sound of the footsteps became denser and denser, and more and more guards rushed in like the flood. They surrounded Fei with swords and spears that shined under the light, warning Fei of their sharpness.

The whole scene looked like a big blooming flower; the guards were the petals, while Fei and the beast were the delicate core.

Although they had the intruders surrounded, the people in the building didn’t feel any safer, including the fancily dressed pretty boy who was clearly the most protected. The surging sensation of the violent force that came off of Fei hinted to them: even with them all added up, they were no match for this man and his dog.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

The beast roared in coordination with its master’s will. The deep roars gave people an illusion, as if the next time that this beast opened its mouth, it would spout out deadly flames that could burn down the world like a Holy Dragon.

“Who’s in charge here? Step the f*ck out!”

Because he didn’t know anyone here, Fei let himself loose. The manner and temperament of a king was nowhere to be found. Instead, the way that he was stepping on Hershzen and the way he expressed himself made him look like a bandit.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!……” After a moment of silence, someone finally spoke, “Your Majesty, you……”

“Don’t associate yourself with me, f*ck off! I’m not Your Majesty!” Fei cut the person off instantly. He thought to himself, “You guys sent an assassin after me, so you guys definitely don’t take me as the king.” As he was about to swear back more, he suddenly realized that this voice was very familiar. It sounded like……like……Huh?

Fei was a bit surprised.

The next moment, a middle-aged man with a grateful temperament stepped out of the crowd and said: “Your Majesty, you are……”


【Black Tornado】was the one that reacted first.

The tricky beast that left people with the impression of a dragon suddenly became soft.

It turned from a violent beast to a cute “puppy”. Its tail wiggled like a wind as a flattering expression appeared on its face. It slowly walked up to the person, lied on the floor, and looked up as if it saw its mother.

Fei was dumbfounded.

“Eh……This……Eh……This……Eh, Uncle Bast, why are you here?” He said as he covered up his face.

He was embarrassed.

It seemed like there must have been some misunderstanding.

The person who stepped out of the crowd was Fei’s future father-in-law, the “old handsome” Bast. His eyes twitched a few times, but he quickly put himself back together. He saluted peacefully and clearly replied, “Your Majesty, as you ordered, I’m here to invite Prince Modric His Highness from Lake Kingdom to the Party at the King’s Palace tomorrow…… Allow me to introduce him to you. This is the young Prince Modric who has a spot in the [Ten Elites]!”

Fei felt like the sky was spinning.

“Holy s--t, this misunderstanding is out of this world!”

From what Fei knew, Lake Kingdom had been a close ally of Chambord for more than a hundred years. They had saved Chambord numerous times, and it helped Chambord out at the last Military Practice that Zenit Empire hosted. On top of that, this Prince Modric was the ideal influencer at Lake Kingdom that favored the alliance with Chambord…… “This kingdom, this person, they would never send assassins after me.”

“It looks like…… I made a mistake.”

Fei never expected that not only would he not be able to find the “fruit” through the “vine”, but would instead touch a “cactus”.

Fei just wanted learn the identity of the man who he beat to half to death and hide into the ground; he was too embarrassed.

Fortunately, his future father-in-law was very smooth.

The “old handsome” didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all. In a few words, he explained the stance of both parties. It turned out that the fancily dressed “pretty boy” was the third prince of Lake Kingdom, Modric himself.

The atmosphere in the building returned to normal after Bast’s explanation.

The guards exited the building with cold sweat covering their bodies.

The party continued.

However, everyone looked at Fei with strange expressions on their faces. They were very surprised that the violent intruder was the young King Alexander of Chambord.

“Didn’t people say that Alexander is a r----d that only has the intelligence of a three-year old? When did he become such a master?”

Fortunately, Modric was a very kind prince. A smile was on his handsome face the whole time; with his great stance and graceful temperament, he looked like a true royal compared to the bandit-like Fei.

The party slowly became more cheerful.

Fei had to endure his embarrassment as he told Bast and Modric what had happened.

“Huh, I know this man.”

After a few drinks, Prince Modric looked closely at the injured man who was already tied up with iron chains and said, “This man is Hershzen. He is Thrace Kingdom’s Prince Okocha’s personal guard, one of the few four-star warriors that Thrace Kingdom has.”

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