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Hail the King Chapter 1060.2

Chapter 1060: Where Are the Other 50 People? (Part Two)

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The scene where warriors of Zenit fighting with enemies didn’t appear. Instead, the corpses of soldiers lay all over the ground, and the Fourth Prince stood behind the watchtower in fear as black-armored guards surrounded him and protected him. More than half of the invaluable defensive magic weapons that were made in Chambord got destroyed, and the broken components were all over the ground.

“Where are the enemies?” Granello shouted.

“Kill… we killed all of them!” a commander guarding the western gate got scared seeing Granello’s angry expression, and he stuttered as he replied.

“Killed all of them? Did you count the corpses?” Granello frowned; the intense sense of danger was still lingering in his mind.

“Humph! You again! Granello, who do you think you are? How dare you issue commands in the zone that I have control over? Go away!” Seeing Granello, the terrified Four Prince shouted like a scared chicken. Clearly, what happened had petrified him.

“Who the f*ck are you? You idiot! What did you do? Huh? Forcing the elite soldiers to go outside the city and kill enemies? Don’t you know that it is the most rookie mistake when defending a city? For your greed over military merits, how many brave warriors died? Now, many magic weapons for defense are broken. How are you going to make up for this? You…”

Granello shouted at the Fourth Prince before everyone without holding back at all.

Hearing such shouts, all the soldiers felt like the pent-up frustration in their minds got vented a little.

“You…” Fourth Prince Chrystal was enraged, and he pointed at Granello and didn’t know what to say. After taking a few deep breaths, he sneered and replied, “So what? The magic weapons are damaged; we can just ask the arsenal of Chambord to make another batch and hand them to us. What’s difficult about that? Now that the empire is in danger, is the King of Chambord going to ignore all this?”

Granello was about to explode, and he thought, “These magic weapons are all invaluable! It is expensive to make them; how can they be that easily made? This idiot still can’t see through the situation? Does he still want to pressure the Chambord Kingdom with the orders of the Royal Family? Can’t he see that Chambord isn’t a force that the Royal Family can command anymore? Is this idiot’s brain full of sh*t?”

Granello was so angry that he almost went over to whip this idiotic prince. However, the officials around him quickly pulled him back, avoiding an even more explosive confrontation.

After forcing himself to calm down, Granello said to the soldiers around him, “Quick! Count the corpses and tally up the numbers.”


The soldiers quickly counted the corpses on the ground and also separated the enemy corpses from the corpses of Zenitian soldiers. Since Barcelonans and Zenitians looked quite different and had different physiques, it was easy to tell them apart when looking in close-range. The soldiers got the numbers in about ten minutes.

“Sir, 571 soldiers of Zenit died, and we confirmed their names. Also, there are exactly 100 Barcelonan corpses.”

“What?” Granello was shocked. “100? Where are the other 50? I clearly saw that about 150 Barcelonans climbed onto the defense wall in disguise! Where did they go?”

Hearing Granello’s words, others also remembered that.

There were at least 150 Barcelonans who got into the city through the ropes, but how come only 100 corpses could be found? Where did the other Barcelonans go? There were about 50 of them; were they still hiding in the crowd?

[TL Note: Some intense moments are going to take place in the next while. Make sure you stick to the end! It is all worth it.]

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    Is strange how Granello was able to see those soldiers since he wasn’t there.

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      Not really if you think how many of castles with Built they were designed so Each Defensive wall sometimes would be Visible to the other Defensive wall

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