Chapter 1061: Severe Punishment (Part One)

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The atmosphere instantly became intense.

The Barcelonan warriors who snuck into the city attacked the Zenitian soldiers on the defense wall, and it brought everyone a nightmare. If more enemies were sneaking around the city…

Everyone looked around and observed the people around them in suspicion.

Everyone felt nervous and anxious.

“Granello, what nonsense are you spurting? The soldiers have already bravely killed all the Barcelonans who snuck into the city under my command! There is no way that there are still enemies in the city! Don’t try to lie and shake the confidence of our people!” The Fourth Prince’s expression changed, and he accused Granello of wrongdoing since he was a bit too nervous himself.

“You? Brave?” Granello sneered in disdain as he said, “What a joke. When the Barcelonans got onto the defense wall, did Your Highness step out of the watchtower? Now that 50 elite soldiers of Barcelona disappeared, do you know what this means? If they snuck into the city, they can cause a ton of destruction. If they are able to communicate with the enemies outside, they can destroy the core components of [Goddess of Earth’s Protection]. By then, the entire city will be conquered!”

“You… you dare do throw dirt on a prince? Granello, you continue to stain the honor and dignity of the Royal Family. Are you jealous that the soldiers under my command killed and decapitated more enemies than you, or are you… just like that love child Dominguez? Up to no good and want to rebel?”

Clearly, the Fourth Prince didn’t think that he made a mistake, and he was so enraged by Granello’s words that he instantly accused the latter of committing treason.

“Enough!” At this moment, a majestic voice suddenly resonated in the sky above the western gate.

Then, everyone felt like their vision blurred and a tall, straight figure appeared outside the watchtower on the western gate.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” Tsunami-like cheers sounded, and everyone on the defense wall kneeled respectfully.

This man who suddenly appeared was Emperor Yassin.

The battle between the eight top-tier masters ended. Except for Emperor Yassin, people like Lampard already returned to St. Petersburg.

The Barcelonan troops outside St. Petersburg seemed to have noticed that the suicide squad which rushed into the city wasn’t as effective as they anticipated. After they dashed within ten meters of the defense wall and got into the attack range of the archers, they suddenly sounded the retreating bugle and pulled back.

“Royal Father…” Seeing Emperor Yassin, the Fourth Prince was pleasantly surprised as he kneeled.

Just as Chrystal was about to say something, Emperor Yassin’s angry gaze landed on him like two giant mountains.

“Shut up!” Emperor Yassin said in anger, and Chrystal screamed and collapsed onto the ground under the enormous invisible pressure.

People like Granello and others also instantly felt like the gravity on them increased by several times. Their bodies felt heavy, and they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

The anger of an emperor could turn millions into corpses!

Very few people had ever seen Emperor Yassin this angry.

“You disappoint me too much!”

The intense disappointment couldn’t be hidden in Emperor Yassin’s eyes as he looked at the Fourth Prince. Even the soldiers and generals who were kneeling with their heads lowered sensed strong frustration and disappointment in Emperor Yassin’s tone, and they felt it in their souls.

“No, Royal Father, I was framed…” The Fourth Prince felt cold, and he tried to talk himself out of it.

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