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Hail the King Chapter 1061.2

Chapter 1061: Severe Punishment (Part Two)

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“Framed? For what? Do you really think that I don’t know what you have been doing? Arrogant and greedy for merits, you ignored the lives of soldiers and commanded them without thinking. You treated the soldiers viciously and…” Emperor Yassin’s gaze and tone got angrier and angrier, and he continued, “You are useless! Fine! I gave you opportunities one after another, but you never knew how to cherish them! I’ve decided! From now on, Fourth Prince Chrystal will be stripped of all military authority and demoted to a level 6 noble. He will never be promoted again either in the administrative branch or the military branch!”

“No! Royal Father!” The Fourth Prince never thought that his father would say such merciless words to him.

Stripped of military authorities! Never promoted again!

Since these words came from Emperor Yassin himself, they were edicts! It wiped all the Fourth Prince’s future potential. From now on, he would only be an idle person, and his status would be even lower than the king of a level 6 affiliated kingdom. He could only live in such a condition for the rest of his life.

“Go away!” Emperor Yassin shouted. Without giving the Fourth Prince a chance to talk, this supreme ruler struck out and sent the Four Prince flying from the tall defense wall, landing in an unknown location in the city.

Although Emperor Yassin meticulously controlled his force as a demi-god and didn’t injure the Fourth Prince, the fact that he struck a prince before tens of thousands of soldiers showed how angry he really was.

“It was me who used the wrong person, making the loyal warriors of Zenit die outside the city for nothing. I’m sorry!”

Emperor Yassin glanced at the soldiers and generals who were kneeling around him, and he said apologetically, “Please get up! You have all worked hard for the empire!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“We are willing to battle to death for Your Majesty!”

“We will protect Zenit with our lives! We will guard Your Majesty until we all die!”

Emperor Yassin’s apology and caring words that recognized their hard work moved all soldiers and generals including Granello, and they felt their blood boiling. They wanted to jump down the defense wall and battle the despicable Barcelonans for good! Their felt like the fatigue was gone, and even the injuries didn’t hurt as much.

Other people couldn’t understand how Zenitians admired and worshipped Emperor Yassin.

To the citizens of this northern-bear-like empire, Emperor Yassin was a majestic god, and he had unparalleled influence. Even people like Granello who served Second Prince Dominguez held admiration toward Emperor Yassin that came from their souls. It was a faith and a belief.

Especially seeing Emperor Yassin scolding and punishing the Fourth Prince for the ordinary soldiers, such an apology and comforting words moved people even more.

Some veterans already sobbed in excitement with tears on their faces.

“Granello, you did well. From now on, I command you to move the best scouts in Imperial Patrol and find the Barcelonan spies that snuck into Zenit in the shortest amount of time. Don’t give them the time and opportunity to cause destruction in the city.” Emperor Yassin’s gaze slowly turned back to Granello as he said, “I give you the authority to move any troops in the city to aid your search.”

“As you wish! I’m willing to serve Your Majesty!” Granello nodded in excitement.

“Ok.” With that said, Emperor Yassin suddenly disappeared from the defense wall.

The soldiers and generals all kneeled again, seeing Emperor Yassin off with respect.

Right now, it was between battles, and the soldiers finally got a short moment to rest, restore their stamina, and clean their weapons.

With a team of elite soldiers, Granello went down the defense wall and instantly returned to the headquarters of Imperial Patrol. Then, he started to move people around to do the city-wide investigation. The sense of danger intensified in his mind as if something terrifying was about to happen.

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  1. so his last chance was at the cost of thousands of lives…. pretty costly i must say….

    • Ejaz Ahmed

      like father like son. father just waited untill millions of life was lost and gave command to his worthless son just to punish him to express himself as a ruler. this was a pathetic move from the author. all this buildup is for MC to shine which he did not deserve.

  2. Random

    Yassin said that mc was similar to him. But truth is that they are 100% opposite 1 dosent like to lose 1 of is loyal subject other can sacrifice millions. One wants power to protect other to dominate. Also why so loyal to yassin when he sat around 20 years doing almost nothing and watch how his subjects suffered.

    • Fimbulwinter

      I got that in the past 20+ years he was trying to be low key and build strength, so other Empires would think that he was dying, but there’s no excuse that he still did almost nothing after he became a demi-god.

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