Chapter 1062: Mystery and Danger (Part One)

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Granello moved the elites of Imperial Patrol and many soldiers to do the city-wide net-style search.

The appearance, bone size, and skin of Barcelonans greatly differed from Zenitians. Also, these 50-or-so Barcelonan spies who snuck into St. Petersburg probably weren’t familiar with the buildings and terrain, and they didn’t have hideouts.

Normally, these spies should be easily spotted. However, until the morning of the second day, Granello still didn’t get any clues or leads.

This discovery made everyone confused.

Emperor Yassin asked Imperial Patrol to find those Barcelonan spies as fast as possible. Although there was no set time limit, Granello still felt a ton of pressure.

On the one hand, Granello strengthened the protection of hundreds of magic nodes in the city. On the other hand, he increased the number of people who were searching for enemies all over the city.

After a morning of zero results, Granello couldn’t sit back anymore. He had to risk disturbing the Second Prince who was still healing from his injuries and went to Dominguez’s estate.

“Did you encounter something difficult?” The Second Prince who looked healthy only judging from his complexion walked to the grand hall under Demonic Woman Paris’ assistance and met up with Granello.

Except for Demonic Woman Paris, there was also Strategist Old Aryang of Chambord.

Without daring to hide anything, Granello told these people about what happened in detail.

However, the Second Prince didn’t look surprised. It was clear that even though this prince didn’t leave his estate since he was healing up, he knew everything that was going on outside

“This is the first time in more than ten years that Royal Father got that angry, right?” Dominguez leaned back in his chair and pondered.

“That is true. Ever since I followed Your Highness, I have never seen Emperor Yassin so angry. The Fourth Prince overdid it. Even in such a dire situation, he continued to go against the rules and killed close to 1,000 elites of Zenit. His Majesty… got so angry because he loves his children!” Although Granello despised the Fourth Prince, it seemed like he returned to his normal self before Dominguez. He seemed logical and chose words carefully like a low-profile and intelligent commander.

Dominguez nodded and didn’t say much.

In the prior battles, he was injured by the residual power of top-tier masters. Although the injuries had healed, the distorted laws of nature still existed in his body. It was fortunate that this condition was discovered early, and Emperor Yassin healed him personally. That cured all lethal injuries and didn’t allow the distorted laws of nature to harm Dominguez’s core energy. However, the Second Prince still had to rest and recover, and he couldn’t battle with others. Therefore, he was forced to stay in his estate by Emperor Yassin, and he didn’t join the defense battles.

Granello opened his mouth several times, but no sounds came out.

Dominguez was pondering to himself. When he looked up and saw [Red Beard] Granello behaving like this, he smiled and said, “Tell us what you want to say.”

Granello looked at the Demonic Woman and Old Aryang, and he finally asked the question that troubled him for a long time, “Now that the situation in St. Petersburg is this dire, how come Elder Prince Arshavin who is known as Zenit’s God of War and Elder Princess Tanasha who is known as Goddess of Intelligence still haven’t appeared? Also… also…”

“Also what?” Dominguez asked with a smile.

Second Prince Dominguez’ attitude made Granello calm down a little, and he asked, “Also, in the last two years, the empire recruited many soldiers. Just the number of main battle legions under the Elder Prince’s command reached 20, and there are close to one million soldiers. However, fewer than 400,000 soldiers remain in St. Petersburg, including the 100,000 royal guards and the defeated soldiers who retreated from the southern region battlefield. It means that less than 200,000 regular soldiers are guarding the Capital. Where are the other 800,000 elite soldiers?” Granello asked all the questions on his mind without stopping.

“Yeah, where did Royal Brother and the 800,000 elite soldiers go? They should be in St. Petersburg. I’m also curious about that,” Dominguez murmured to himself. It seemed that even he didn’t know where Zenit’s God of War went.

A shocked expression appeared on Granello’s face.

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