Chapter 1062: Mystery and Danger (Part Two)

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“The official statement is that the Elder Prince is inside the Imperial Military Headquarters making plans, and Elder Princess is recovering from her illness inside her estate. However, many pieces of evidence show that the Elder Prince isn’t in the Imperial Military Headquarters, and the Elder Princess isn’t in her estate. The two of them aren’t inside St. Petersburg, and the 800,000 elite soldiers that should be inside the Capital already secretly left St. Petersburg before the Barcelonan invaders arrived at the bay of the Byzantine Kingdom. This process was secretive, and almost no one discovered it.”

Demonic Woman Paris finally spoke, and what she said shocked Granello.

After a pause, Paris giggled and said, “Only one person can allow 800,000 soldiers secretly pull out of St. Petersburg and not let anyone notice.”

“Emperor Yassin His Majesty?” [Red Beard] wasn’t a fool, and he instantly understood what Paris meant.

Since the conversation got to this point, it couldn’t continue anymore. It involved His Majesty, so they shouldn’t try to guess and doubt the ideas of the supreme ruler. For a moment, the atmosphere was quite subdued.

Second Prince Dominguez smiled and broke the silence, and he said with a faint smile, “Those 50-or-so Barcelonans are interesting. With their clear features, they are still able to hide from the massive search efforts. Could it be that they transformed into Zenitians?”

“Your Highness mean…” Granello’s eyes lit up as he thought of something, and he said in joy, “Your Highness, I got it now! Thank you for your advice!”

After saying that, Granello cupped his hands and bowed at Paris and Old Aryang before saying farewells and leaving.

Dominguez and Old Aryang looked at each other and smiled.

“Paris, you need to speed up as well and try to get ready as soon as you can,” Dominguez said lightly as he closed his eyes.

“Your Highness, don’t worry. I got this.” Paris nodded, and her expression rarely looked this solemn.

Time quickly passed by.

Soon, two days had passed.

Barcelona’s sieges and attacks grew more and more aggressive. The four demi-gods of Barcelona appeared from time to time to harass, and supreme masters on the side of Zenit such as Emperor Yassin were ready and fought back.

The good thing was that both sides had great self-discipline and followed the ancient traditions of war that were unwritten rules on the Azeroth Continent. The supreme masters all didn’t attack ordinary soldiers.

Granello’s investigation and capture operation finally obtained some results.

On the afternoon of the second day, the masters of Imperial Patrol finally caught a Barcelonan spy.

Zenitians were shocked to find that this spy wasn’t a Barcelonan or a Zenitian; he was a member of the Eindhoven Empire! After receiving special training from Barcelonans, he snuck into St. Petersburg.

Since the Eindhoven Empire was adjacent to the Zenit Empire, the citizens of the two empires had similar features and weren’t too different from each other. No wonder the prior operations didn’t yield anything.

Now, the situation seemed even more difficult.

The people of Eindhoven, A.K.A Eindhovenans, had a tightly-managed and strict system in St. Petersburg, and they colluded with Barcelonans.

Granello wanted to strike the iron while it was hot, and he sent out even more soldiers to search through the neighborhoods. Although his orders were fast, they had limited results; they only caught about a dozen insignificant people.

These captured spies were all sent to Imperial Patrol to be interrogated, but they all seemed extremely tough and stubborn. Even when a portion of their flesh was turned into meat paste, they didn’t reveal a word.

Granello got more and more anxious as time passed by.

When the sun was about to set, the interrogations finally yielded results.

After hearing about the whole plan, Granello sweated profusely, and cold sweat appeared all over his body.

While sending people to inform the Royal Family, the Imperial Military Headquarters, and the Second Prince, Granello rushed toward the direction of the No.1 Magic Tower in the center of the city.

The core of the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection], which was a magic array that was protecting the entire city, was located in that magic tower.

If this magic tower were destroyed, the entire magic array would stop working, and Zenit would fall into an unimaginable disaster.

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