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Hail the King Chapter 1063.1

Chapter 1063: The Giant Bear in the North, Roar! (Part One)

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It was already midnight. Due to the war, all the streets were shut down as the curfew order was active.

While feeling anxious, Granello whipped his horse forcefully, trying to dash to the No.1 Magic Tower in the city with hundreds of elite soldiers as fast as he could. Due to the rush, they didn’t show care to the horses and only wanted to get to their destination fast.

Like a tornado, this group of people flashed through the streets, and the loud clip-clop noises made by the horse hooves sounded like thunder in the night.

The cavalryman in the front raised the golden token of Emperor Yassin and shouted, “Imperial Patrol is on duty! We have His Majesty’s golden token! Move out of the way!”

As the loud noises that the horse hooves made sounded in the sky, the soldiers all moved the checkpoints on the street to not block the way.

Shouts and noises continued to sound from the directions of the four defense walls.

Barcelonans were fighting the most fiercely at this moment in the night.

In a flash, the No.1 Magic Tower was in Granello’s view.

This was the most magnificent building in St. Petersburg next to the Royal Palace, the Martial Saint Mountain, and the Imperial Knight Palace. Streaks of orange-yellowish rings of magic energy surrounded the magic tower like tangible objects, and they slowly rotated around this giant, spear-like black tower. Many magic traps were set up around the area, and more than 5,000 elite soldiers were stationed close by.

Seeing that No.1 Magic Tower was intact, Granello heaved a sigh of relief and sped up.

“Stop! If you move forward for 100 meters, we will shoot!” A fortress that was about five meters tall appeared ahead, and the guarding soldiers heard the clip-clop noises made by the horse hooves and instantly shouted a warning. At the same time, they got ready to attack.

“His Majesty’s golden token is right here!” the cavalryman of Imperial Patrol who led the charge raised Emperor Yassin’s golden token, and the team got to move forward.

Granello rode the horse to the fortress, and he calmed down a little seeing that the defense mechanisms were intact, and it didn’t look like anything was attacked. He casually asked, “Before we got here, did anyone else enter?”

“Sir, about 15 minutes ago, the Fourth Prince came here with about 50 guards, and he said that he was following His Majesty’s order and needed to enter the No.1 Magic Tower!” the military officer who was guarding the first checkpoint replied respectfully.

“What?” Granello was shocked, and he said, “The Fourth Prince was already demoted by Emperor Yassin His Majesty, and he isn’t going to be used for anything. Everyone in the city knows that! How can he be following His Majesty’s order? Damn it! Why didn’t you stop…”


Before Granello could finish speaking and dash forward, the ground started to shake violently.

It felt like a giant prehistoric beast was underground, and it was about to break out.

The horses that the cavalrymen were riding got scared, and they neighed and raised their front legs. They became violent and anxious as if something terrible was about to happen.

At this moment, people like Granello no longer had time to focus on the horses.

The ground was shaking more and more.

As booming noises sounded, the tough ground became as soft as the surface of a lake, and it was hard for people to stand still on it.

More terrifying was that the giant, miracle-like No.1 Magic Tower 1,000 meters away started to shake as well, and the streaks of orange-yellowish rings of magic light that surrounded the tower which soared into the sky started to break and shatter, disappearing under people’s eyes.

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