Chapter 1063: The Giant Bear in the North, Roar! (Part Two)

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“The magic tower… is about to collapse?” the guarding soldiers also looked desperate.

Everyone knew what it meant for Zenitians if the No.1 Magic Tower collapsed at this moment. This represented the complete destruction and death.


In the next moment, the statue of Emperor Yassin swinging a sword, which was placed at the top of the No.1 Magic Tower, fell from the sky. This symbol that represented the empire’s power smashed onto the ground, sending dust into the air.

Then, the No.1 Magic Tower that was said to be indestructible started to break down. Visible black cracks appeared all over its body, and eye-piercing orange light flames shot out of the cracks!

Suddenly, an ear-piercing siren sounded in the sky above the city.

This noise made the entire city fall into a state of uncontrollable terror and chaos.

“Damn it! What happened?” Granello felt cold inside.

“Sir, please retreat! The energy inside the magic tower is in a state of disorder, and the tower is about to explode!” a military officer shouted into Granello’s ears.

“Retreat? Retreat to where?” Granello’s face was pale, and he smiled tragically as he said, “The city is about to break, and Barcelonans surround us from all sides. We have no place to retreat to. I’m the guiltiest person in the empire. I’m a bit too late! I’m responsible for all this!”

While Granello spoke, the orange-yellowish [Goddess of Earth’s Protection] which covered the city and represented safety and warmth started to break down. The magic shield that could endure full-force attacks of demi-gods shattered like a broken eggshell, and the orange-yellow magic energy turned into pieces and fell from the sky. Before they could get to the ground, they disappeared in mid-air.

The magic shield broke!

St. Petersburg was done!

Without the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection], St. Petersburg was like a naked woman before an ill-intentioned man. Barcelonans now could do whatever they wanted.

“If I were able to figure out those damn Eindhovenans and realized that they are spies for Barcelonans, the situation wouldn’t have gotten to this devastating degree. Now, everything is done for! I’ve let down His Majesty’s trust, and I let down the millions and millions of citizens in St. Petersburg. I did all this…”

Granello wanted to cut his throat and use his death to punish himself. However, the little bit of logic that he had left made him control his impulse.

After thinking for a bit, Granello dragged over a henchman whispered something into this man’s ear.

“Sir, please take care! Go!” This cavalryman nodded along, and he jumped onto his horse and whipped it before dashing away and leaving the area that was shaking the most.

Granello pulled out the longsword on his belt and looked at his brothers who followed him here. He said, “Warriors, the destruction is about to arrive. If you leave here and escape, you aren’t a coward. However, if you choose to stay, it is the moment to show our loyalty to the empire. Let’s turn our fear into anger! Follow me and charge into the tower! Let’s kill all the spies who destroyed the tower! This is the last thing that we can do for the empire and our loved ones!”

Radiant warrior energy flames burned around Granello.

Since the ground was shaking more and more, it was impossible to ride the horses.

Granello got off his horse and dashed toward the magic tower that was collapsing.

“Sir, we will follow you until death!”

The rest of the members of Imperial Patrol didn’t hesitate, and they all dashed into the collapsing magic tower like moths to a flame.

Right now, out of about 5,000 elite soldiers who were guarding the tower, more than half of them were either dead or severely injured.

However, none of them chose to escape. They all drew out their swords and followed the cavalrymen while singing the anthem of the empire.

“Even the lowly lives have dignity. Our glory is written in the history of the empire that is filled with hardships. Wars can never make Zenitians retreat! The giant bear of the north, roar!”

The tragic song resonated in the messy and chaotic night.

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