Chapter 1064: Broken City (Part One)

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“What is going on?”

In the Royal Palace, Emperor Yassin instantly sensed the strangeness, and his face changed color. He was always calm, but a shocked expression appeared at this moment. He turned into a streak of light and dashed through the ceiling of his palace before shooting toward the magic tower in the center of the city.

“Hahaha! Yassin, you only discovered it now? Don’t you think that it is a bit too late?” a series of arrogant laughs sounded in the air like rumbling thunder.

It was Alves, a demi-god of Barcelona.

The short, bearded Alves looked vicious, and his green eyes looked violent. While his energy flames burned around him, he stood in mid-air and blocked Emperor Yassin’s path.

The demi-gods’ speed was insane. Without the blockage of the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection], demi-gods could appear above St. Petersburg with a thought.

It was clear that everything was under Barcelona’s control.

“F*ck off!”

Emperor Yassin didn’t want to waste time. With a roar, his Realm of Swords instantly opened. Then, he made a hand gesture, and a giant sword of light shot out of his arms, tearing through space and chopping down on Alves’ head murderously.

Alves laughed proudly and released his power of realm. His arms crossed before his head, and a giant orange-yellowish energy shield appeared. It looked tangible, and radiant and mystical runes flashed on its surface.


Emperor Yassin’s sword of light and Alves’ energy shield collided together, and an earth-shaking noise resonated in the sky.

“Haha! Huh? How is this possible?” Alves still looked proud a moment ago, but his expression changed drastically in the next second.

The orange energy shield above Alves’ head shattered, and an indescribable sharpness cut through his Realm of Defense and forcefully struck his body. Alves was pressed onto the ground, creating a giant crater that one couldn’t see the bottom of. All the houses and buildings in the area shattered and disappeared like collapsing sand sculptures.

Although they were demi-gods, Emperor Yassin actually struck Alves and sent him flying with one move!

Without having time to deal with his opponent who he just knocked away, Emperor Yassin rushed toward the No.1 Magic Tower that was collapsing while feeling anxious. He had to rush to the magic tower right away and try to repair it before it completely collapsed. Otherwise, St. Petersburg, a city with a history of hundreds of years, was going to be completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, someone didn’t want Emperor Yassin to do that.

“Stop here; this path isn’t open,” a calm and cold voice sounded.

The second demi-god of Barcelona, Mascherano who was muscular and silent, tore open space and walked out of the void, blocking Emperor Yassin’s path.


Without talking, Emperor Yassin instantly attacked. His Realm of Sword was opened to the maximum. With a wave of his hand, many destructive swords of light formed before Emperor Yassin, and they shot toward Mascherano like raindrops in a storm.

The latter didn’t dare to act arrogant, and he opened his realm at full power.

Many orange ancient mountains with runes flashing on them appeared before Mascherano. Compared to Alves, The power of Mascherano’s realm was even more focused on defense, and his realm was tougher and more powerful.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrifying energies exploded continuously and radiated in the sky, completely engulfing Mascherano.

Without wasting any time, Emperor Yassin dashed forward and bypassed the explosion zone, flying toward the magic tower in the center as quickly as he could.

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