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Hail the King Chapter 1065.1

Chapter 1065: Realness During Crisis (Part One)

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“His Majesty is unrivaled!”

“His Majesty is unrivaled!”

Such a motivating scene excited all Zenitians and pumped their confidence.

However, after Emperor Yassin knocked away Alves, several masters of Barcelona appeared and blocked Emperor Yassin. Seeing this, the Zenitians realized that Emperor Yassin couldn’t turn the tables around tonight all by himself. If they didn’t want to become ghosts under the blades of Barcelonans, they had to raise their weapons and fight the invaders to the death!

Second Prince Dominguez rushed onto the street with his guards.

At this moment, the entirety of St. Petersburg was a mess.

Zenitians who were anxious, helpless, and frantic were everywhere on the street, and they were crying nonstop. With the shattering of the [Goddess of Earth’s Protection], even a three-year-old child knew what it meant for this city. The devils of Barcelona who had killed hundreds of millions of Zenitians in the southern region could directly dash into the city, and the Zenitians in St. Petersburg were going to be slaughtered and assaulted by Barcelonans.

“Mom, Mom, where are you?” a little girl who had a doll in her arms cried in the crowd. She was with her family, but they lost each other in the giant crowd.

“Dad, Dad!” a young man was shouting.

Further away, a weak old man got pushed around and fell to the ground. While his forehead bled, he couldn’t get up anymore. His son was shouting about five meters away, but he was getting pushed further and further away by the moving crowd and couldn’t get close to help his father to stand.

In just a few seconds, this old man disappeared in the crowd, and the young man couldn’t do anything about it.

Everything was a mess.

Dominguez rushed out of his estate with soldiers, but he ran into the messy crowds after moving for about one kilometer. Civilians rushed out like waves in a tsunami, and cries and whines could be heard from all directions. This scene merged burning flames and screams sounding from the defense walls, and it looked like the end of the world.

“Quick! Organize people and make them calm down! They can’t panic!” Dominguez shouted at the soldiers around him.

Nothing was more terrifying than being inside a chaotic crowd.

Some Star-Level Warriors jumped onto buildings and statues, and they shouted under the empowerment of warrior energy, continuing to comfort the frantic civilians in the crowd. Gradually, this landslide-like chaotic situation got slightly controlled.

“Quick! Lead them to the northern gate! Let them escape in the direction of Chambord City; that is the only way that they can survive,” Dominguez shouted and ordered the soldiers, letting cavalrymen open the path and lead the civilians toward the north.”

“Paris! Paris, where are you?” Seeing the situation getting controlled, Dominguez roared and called out.

Like a white rose that was blooming in the midnight, the Demonic Woman dashed over by stepping on statues and walls.

“How is everything with the plan?” Dominguez shouted and tried to overpower the noises in the area so that Paris could hear him.

“Everything is ready, Your Highness.” Paris also shouted back as sweat dripped down her face.

“That is good. Now, lead these people to the northern gate with all the elites of Imperial Patrol! Go to the northern gate right now! You must control the situation over there. Kill through the enemies and release the civilians…” Dominguez took out a golden token from his breast pocket and threw it to Paris.

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  1. Bruno Ariel

    city of Chambord… ok

  2. pipipopopopo

    the giant bear of the north running , to the dragon of the north

  3. Guess Who

    lmao anyone remembered when fei was like, “I will not allow anyone destroy the place where your ashes spread” or some sh*t like that? yeah me neither

    • Fimbulwinter

      Yeah, the author is really forcing this. It’s just a excuse to kill off Yassin, so Alexander can become emperor the “legit” way without breaking his promise that he won’t turn against Zenit.

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