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Hail the King Chapter 1065.2

Chapter 1065: Realness During Crisis (Part Two)

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“Your Highness, what about you?” Paris vaguely guessed the Second Prince’s mind.

“Hahaha! I’m going to teach those b-stards of Barcelona a lesson! Quickly go! Don’t be naggy at this moment. Take out the cold-blooded and merciless presence as the Demonic Woman. If you can protect and allow one million civilians to walk out of the northern gate safely, you will be a hero of the empire. Of course, if you can leave the Capital alive and see that b-stard Alexander, tell him that even though he didn’t appear when St. Petersburg needed him the most, I forgive him. I believe that he isn’t able to come here for an important reason!”

At this critical life-and-death moment, Dominguez who looked sleepy all the time and seemed to not care about anything finally showed the bravery and courage that Zenitians didn’t lack.

After saying those things to Paris, bright warrior energy flames burned on Dominguez’ body, and he turned into a beam of light and shot toward the center of St. Petersburg alone.

“Your Highness… take care!” Paris whispered in her mind before going to Imperial Patrol to move the elites with the golden token.

-In the noble residential area of St. Petersburg-

This high-level zone was usually tightly guarded and lively, but it was chaotic and messy at this moment.

“Quick! Close the gate for me! Active the magic defensive arrays! Don’t let anyone come in!”

Some nobles chose to stay inside their large estates that had tall walls and tried to defend. They ignored what was going on outside and stayed inside like turtles as if this could get them through all tragedies.

“What is going on? Why did the city get conquered? What should we do? Damn it! What was the military doing?”

Some people became frantic and didn’t know what to do.

“Haha! It is done! Zenit is done! Let’s die together! Let’s get devoured by burning flames!”

Some nobles became crazy due to fear. They didn’t want their wives, daughters, and sons to be assaulted and humiliated by Barcelonans, so they killed them and ignited their estates by magic, dying together amongst the flames.

“Quick! Gather all the guards of the family and place treasures on carriages! Protect the Madam and His Highness! Let’s charge out of here!”

Some people didn’t have the courage to die and decided to try to break out.

“Brothers, today, our courage and honor are on the line! Pick up your swords and sabers! Let’s go and teach those b-stards of Barcelona a lesson! Let them know the power of the giant bear in the north! Even before death, the brave Zenitians aren’t going to back down!”

Among the nobles who enjoyed privileges and wealth, there were hot-blooded warriors. Hundreds of young and passionate nobles gathered their guards and soldiers and formed a temporary troop before charging toward the streets where flames were burning and cries were sounding.

Right now, although the noble residential area wasn’t as chaotic as the civilian residential area, people were feeling anxious.

-Imperial Knight Palace-

Ten black knight towers surrounded the giant black tower in the middle. Compared to the noisy outside, it was peaceful here.

The ten execution knights of Zenit all appeared in the giant central tower fully-armed.

Knight Captain Akinfeev who was in battle armor on the stone throne looked at his ten most loyal subordinates who were single-kneeling.

Akinfeev’s expression was strangely calm. Under the illumination of the flickering flames of the two torches on the two sides, brightness and darkness continued to move on Akinfeev’s face.

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