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Hail the King Chapter 1066.1

Chapter 1066: The Will of Battle Skyrocketed on the Martial Saint Mountain (Part One)

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“Tonight might be the last night that the Imperial Knight Palace is going to exist in this world. The final moment is here. Tell me, are you afraid and scared?” Akinfeev’s voice was as cold as ten-thousand-year-old ice.

“We are not afraid; we will live and die with the empire,” the ten execution knights responded in unison.

Some of these knights side with different princes and participated in the battle of the throne, some of them had conflicts with the Imperial Martial Saint and became villains in King Alexander of Chambord’s legend, and some of them were new after some of the older execution knights died in battle.

Tenth Execution Knight Piazon, the Silver Moon Knight, was someone new after the former Tenth Execution Knight, Golden Sun Knight, joined the Martial Saint Mountain.

Piazon was only 18 years old, and he was a rare young genius.

However, regardless of how old these execution knights were and what their characters were like, none of them looked afraid before foreign enemies. When the empire was in danger, they all showcased the fearlessness and bravery of Zenit, the giant bear in the north.

The bravery that real warriors showed before death had nothing to do with their personality and character.

“Ok, go and summon your retinues. I will give you three minutes to arrange all personal matters,” Akinfeev said as he stood up from his stone throne, “Tonight, let’s battle alongside each other and bleed for the empire until the last moment.”

“Yes!” The ten execution knights stood up and walked toward their own knight towers as their red long capes fluttered. They had to use precious time to get prepared.

“Silver Moon Knight, stay for a bit.” Akinfeev suddenly thought of something.

Piazon who was the youngest among the knights turned around with confusion on his face.

The Knight Captain looked at this handsome and dashing young knight, and he suddenly felt like he saw himself from 50 years ago. Back then, Akinfeev was just as fearless as Piazon, and he followed Emperor Yassin and charged at the foremost in battles. He dared to face all enemies to prove his ideology, honor, and bravery. Time passed by, and everything changed.

“Come here.”

Akinfeev beckoned and called Silver Moon Knight Piazon over to him. Then, he took out a sealed magic scroll from his storage ring and placed it in the hands of this young knight. He said seriously, “Don’t go to battle. Change into the attire of a civilian and escape the city with this scroll. Make sure you deliver it to King Alexander of Chambord.”

“Sir, this…” The young Piazon was confused.

“You will understand everything later. Young man, remember, this scroll concerns the future of Zenit. Zenit might have a chance to rise from the ashes. This scroll is more important than your life. I don’t care what method you use, you have to personally deliver this scroll to Imperial Martial Saint Alexander. No mistakes can be made!” Akinfeev’s tone was extremely serious.

“Sir, I…” Piazon was shocked by this. He was young, and he would rather grab his sword and battle Barcelonans alongside his peers instead of running away like a coward.

“This is an order. You are young and new to the Imperial Knight Palace. Therefore, the Barcelonans don’t know much about you. I need you to pretend to be a civilian, a beggar, a kid, an idiot… I don’t care what method you use. Even if you have to temporarily swallow your pride and surrender to the enemies, you need to personally deliver this scroll to the Imperial Martial Saint. You will be the greatest hero in the history of Zenit if you can complete this mission!”

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  1. Where is he going to hide the scroll, they will have done full body search of the survivors.

  2. Fimbulwinter

    Well, storage rings shouldn’t be too big to swallow :’)

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