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Hail the King Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Devastating! Death Castle


“Thrace Kingdom?”

Fei was excited. He thought that the trace would end here with this big misunderstanding, but who knew that the only clue he had “revived”. He quickly confirmed, “Prince Modric, are you sure it’s him?”

“I shouldn’t be wrong. This is one of the only few masters in Thrace Kingdom, and he is only job is to protect Prince Okocha, who is one of the [Five Eagles]. He is also stronger than the other four star warriors, which left me a vivid impression…… King Alexander, if he used earth-attributed energy during the previous fight, then I’m 100% sure.” Modric swirled his golden, emerald-embedded wine cup as he said confidently.

“Haha, this guy is an earth-attributed energy warrior……Haha, this is great!”

Fei was overjoyed; he walked up to Hershzen, picked up the tightly tied man and gave him three strong slaps. Blood spilled and a few white teeth flew out of Hershezn’s mouth. The pain woke up Hershzen who had fainted; he tried to move, but the painful sensation from his four limbs stopped him. It turned out that to prevent him from escaping, the guards had pierced all of his limbs with the specially made iron chain as they were tying him up. His body was locked down.

“So it was Okocha who sent you after me?”

Fei held Hershzen up by the chest and asked viciously.

Hershzen slowly opened his eyes. At this point, he was fully aware of his surroundings; not only was he severely injured, but the iron chain that tied him up through his limbs were specially made for high level warriors and mages. It countered them hard by suppressing the energies that they had. Even if Hershzen was at his prime, he couldn’t escape from it. With Fei who had easily defeated him standing beside him, he knew he had no chance.

He gave Fei a deadly stare, and then turned his head and kept silent.

“Hey, you are already half dead. Why is this dumb assassin trying to act like a martyr and not giving up?” Fei thought.

However, Fei didn’t stop his actions. Two more slaps landed on Hershzen’s face.

Looking from far, it looked like as if two bread loaves were stuffed into Hershzen’s cheeks. His lips were swollen, and all of his teeth went missing. With his nasal bone broken, he could only inhale and couldn’t exhale.

Both the hosts and the guests at the party didn’t react well to this.


They all took a deep breath as a chilling sensation passed through their spines and up to their brains…… “Oh God of War, this young king of Chambord is too violent. A few slaps seemed like a few hammer strikes. How much strength does he have?”

People murmured amongst themselves as they thought about the King busting through the gate a few moments ago, and now this.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

【Black Tornado】was the only creature that was excited. It stopped biting and chewing on a roasted pig, stood up and roared with a fierce expression on its face.

However, the beast quieted down and went back to the roasted pig after Bast gave it a stare…… After seeing this, the people from Lake Kingdom thought to themselves, “This dog is the perfect match for this king! Both are violent animals.”

Fei on the other hand threw Hershzen back onto the ground, thought for a while and asked, Uncle Bast, do you know where the representatives from Thrace Kingdom live?”

“You are going to……” Bast knew Fei too well. He immediately understood what Fei wanted after that sentence. His nerves tensed up and advised, “Alexander, don’t act on an impulse. We aren’t 100% sure of what is going on. If there are any misunderstandings, it may cause tension and disputes between the kingdoms.”

“Impulse? Disputes?”

Fei smiled as he shook his head, “I’m not acting under impulse, and there won’t be any disputes. Didn’t this Thrace Kingdom always support BlackRock Kingdom, which is opposition against Chambord? Why would they come to congratulate me on my Coronation? I bet they are up to no good. This is a good opportunity to arrest this damn prince. If there are any misunderstandings, let their king come and talk to me!”

The dominating demeanor again shocked the guests from Lake Kingdom.

The “old handsome” Bast hesitated. He finally nodded and said, “Should we notify Lampard and Brook? Once we confirm that they are guilty, it won’t be too late to arrest them; if you go by yourself……”

“I’m alright with just me!”

After Fei said that, he waved and the big black dog who was laying there enjoying the roasted pig jumped up and rushed to Fei’s side as if an elite soldier heard his commander’s order.

There were too many people here and Fei didn’t know them well. Fei wouldn’t tell Bast of all the bad discoveries that he made. But since the man who tried to assassinate him had been identified, then Thrace Kingdom was the most suspicious suspect. He might even be able to get some more important information if he could arrest people like Prince Okocha, so he had to be decisive. Otherwise, he might miss the opportunity.

“King Alexander, wait up,” Prince Modric suddenly said. “If you don’t mind, I’m willing to bring soldiers and warriors of Lake Kingdom to give you a hand.”

“Ah, that would be great! Thank you in advance!”

Fei was delighted, and quickly showed his thanks.

His original plan was to arrest some of the important figures that Thrace Kingdom sent here on his own. However, most of Thrace Kingdom’s soldiers, guards and servant would have escaped. If Modric could assist him by locking the whole place down, then there would be a chance to arrest all the people from Thrace Kingdom.

It looked like that this Prince Modric really was a figure that favoured Chambord.

After a few minutes.

Fei and Modric surrounded the building that Thrace’s representatives were staying at with hundreds of soldiers and guards under the cover of the dark night. This building was located at a remote corner in Chambord Kingdom and was not connected to any other structures. The wooden gate of the building was fully closed. Two magic lanterns were hung by the gate; they had brightened up the atmosphere as they swung in the wind. The whole place was dead silent.

Modric ordered the soldiers to quickly guard all the exits of the building, and himself with his personal guards guarded the main gate. This was after all the dispute between Chambord and Thrace Kingdom. This would be all the help that Lake Kingdom could provide. They didn’t follow Fei and attack the building.

Fei and 【Black Tornado】 got closer to the main gate quietly.

The moon had hidden into the dark clouds. A chilling breeze passed by and blew up the dried leaves on the ground. There was an unspeakable desolateness as death seemed to hide within the silent dark night.

This silence could quickly turn into a chaotic and lethal battle.

Fei got closer and closer to the building.

“Sh*t! Things have changed!”

Fei’s face changed colour when he was about five to six yards away from the main gate. He suddenly sensed a thick bloody smell. The smell seemed to carry some heat as well…… Fei thought of something as he rushed in and kicked open the huge wooden gate.


The wooden gate that was about five to six hundred pounds flew inward, and Fei rushed in, followed by the dog.

Fei was shocked by what he saw in the building.

The big black dog was shocked as well, and froze there.

They stared at each other in unison.

“How did this happen?”

The scene in the building was beyond Fei’s imagination. Twenty to thirty corpses lied behind the gate; it was obvious that they died not too long ago, since the wounds were still bleeding and the heat from the blood created white steam in the cold autumn night. After a careful observation, Fei was a bit relieved; these corpses were dressed differently than Chambord soldiers.

A hick bloody smell filled the air.

The blood from the corpses merged into streams. The blood didn’t solidify; it slowly flowed on the ground.

The building was quiet and scary.

Lights in the rooms farther away were all on, but there were no sounds.

This was like a death castle.

Fei and the beast kept their guard up as they slowly walked further into the building. Nothing was alive on the way. On the stairs, in the garden, under the trees, on stone chairs, at the corners, beside pillars…… corpses were everywhere. It was clear that these people encounter something they couldn’t defend against while they were still alive. Most of them didn’t even have the chance to draw out their weapons. The unbelievable expression on their faces indicated that they saw something devastating.

Fei observed closely.

He found that there were at least four wounds on each corpse, and they were deep into the bones. The more unfortunate one’s had their body separated, and detached limbs stacked up on the ground…… The scene was terrifying, as if this was the hell mentioned in all the horror stories.

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