Chapter 1070: The Night of Death (Part One)

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Whoosh! Whoosh!

Streaks of magic light beams shot into the sky, and they represented different meanings. At this moment, the night was illuminated.

Further away, the troops that were panicking and fighting on their own saw the orders from the Imperial Military Headquarters.

“Look! They are the orders from the Imperial Military Headquarters!”

“Haha! I knew that the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters didn’t give up!”

“The Imperial Military Headquarters is telling us to head toward the northern gate. We need to kill our way through and protect the civilians! We need to let the civilians leave the city first!”

“Brothers, this is the time when our courage will be tested! Follow me! Let’s head to the southern gate and buy time for our loved ones with our bodies and swords!”

“Quick! Let’s go into the alley and fight there!”

“Quick! Quick! Quick! Activate the magic illusion arrays in the northern zone! Haha! Brothers, let’s play something big before our death!”

“Build up defensive mechanisms in here! Mages, quickly set up magic traps! By using the terrain advantage, we can block the Barcelonans for 30 minutes for sure!”

While the bright magic light beams shot into the sky, the officers in each troop received clear orders.

These officers found all the soldiers around them and united them before following their orders. They were all loyal and executed the orders from the Imperial Military Headquarters. No one panicked, and no one retreated. The young faces all showed anger, the anger toward the invaders, the butchers, and the demons.

Soon, loud footsteps sounded in the streets before the troops of Zenit.

The few civilians of Zenit who were running in the front were soon engulfed by the troops of Barcelona who were chasing them, and they were chopped into meat paste and stomped into the cracks between stone tiles.

Under the illumination of fire, everyone could see that these Barcelonans had blood on their faces, and they looked like demons who were released from Hell.

“Draw your weapons!” the military officer of Zenit who was standing at the front shouted.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

More than 200 soldiers drew out their weapons.


The military officer grasped his sword with both hands and charged forward fearlessly. Behind him, the soldiers of Zenit followed him without fear as well.

It felt like a small streak was charging into a violent ocean.

Blood, broken limbs, roars, whines, screams, bones, shattered blades, warrior energy, magic energy, heads, corpses…

This valley was soon filled with blood.

The 215 warriors of Zenit used their bodies and slowed down ten times the elite soldiers of Barcelona for 40 minutes. They battled until the end, and they killed more than 500 enemies. At the end of the battle, the valley was layered by thick blood, and the corpses tightly connected while their vicious expressions frozen on their faces.

Barcelonans were shocked by this tragic battle as well, and they felt an unprecedented fear.

Such scenes were happening all over St. Petersburg.

The former calm and peaceful lifestyle was shattered in this night full of blood. Buildings such as residences, shops, taverns, noble estates, godly temples, statues, and fountains were all destroyed.

Barcelonans ignited everything that could be burned. Men were killed, and women were assaulted and killed while they screamed. Children were tossed into burning flames, and seniors were decapitated with their heads on spears…

Indescribable crimes were happening everywhere in this ancient and beautiful city as Barcelonans pushed forward.

This was war! Such a scene was hard to avoid! Almost every war that happened on the continent was like this.

Barcelonans discovered that their advancement speed was much slower than they expected.

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