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Hail the King Chapter 1078.1

Chapter 1078: The Last Gift of Power (Part One)

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Although this image was vague, Fei was 10,000 percent confident that this man was Emperor Yassin. At this moment, Emperor Yassin no longer had a supreme and dominating presence. Instead, he looked like a genial senior in an ordinary family.

“Child.” Emperor Yassin’s voice sounded distant as he lightly called out to Fei.

This voice instantly made the sadness in Fei’s mind many times more intense.

“My child, this is the last thing that Father can do for you. Please accept my gift of power. Let me… see… you… for the last time… my child… let Father… hug you… my child!”

While the distant yet clear voice called out, the screen before Fei suddenly shattered.

Emperor Yassin’s image walked out of the screen and opened his arms while moving toward Fei, trying to give the king a hug.

Fei opened his arms subconsciously, but he didn’t hug onto anything.

Emperor Yassin’s image turned into a streak of golden power of faith and merged into the king’s body.

In the next moment, the intense and noble golden power of faith in the area seemed to have gotten a signal, and it all quickly rushed into Fei’s body.

The golden power of faith was extremely potent. One tiny streak of it was better than a giant streak of ordinary power of faith.

The golden power of faith that Fei suddenly obtained was vaster and stronger than all the power of faith that he condensed before.

With the giant influx of power of faith, Fei instantly fell back into that mystical state without control, and his speed of refining the grand godly realm increased by many folds.

-The Banished Land-

“Fei! Fck you! You punk, going into seclusion cultivation at this moment! Fck your granddaddy!”

In the back palace of the Beast God Palace, Pope Entus was jumping around and shouting, and all kinds of curses flowed out of his mouth. This would be a shocking scene for orcs since anything that Pope Entus had said before was treated as life principles.

Fortunately, the pope was using Mandarin which was commonly used in China, and intelligent beings of this world couldn’t understand it.

Otherwise, Entus’ followers and the saintesses who were looking at him with love would be shocked to their cores.

About 20 days had passed, and more and more catastrophes were happening on the [Banished Land]. Catastrophes such as earthquakes, erupting volcanos, landslides, and falling meteors already caused great tragedies to the Behemoth Orc Tribe, and the expansion of the [Metal Desert] and [Vicious Swamp] far exceeded the most pessimistic estimates.

About one-third the continent became a paradise for fierce beasts, and the orcs had to temporarily move to the area that was safe at this point.

In about 20 days, the population of Behemoth Orc Tribe reduced to less than three-fifths of before; many orcs had died in the endless catastrophes.

The dire situation caused great panic and fear in the Behemoth Orc Tribe, and migrating back to the Azeroth Continent was the only option.

Even the clans that were stubborn and didn’t want to move back all became the avid supporters of the migration plan. In reality, the entire Behemoth Orc Tribe couldn’t wait to escape from the [Banished Land] and return to the beautiful and rich land from their legends.

At the same time, the inheritance of the pope position in the Beast God Palace was also put on the schedule, and it was happening in an orderly fashion under Entus’ plan.

This process wasn’t complicated.

The orcs’ beliefs and the protection of Beast God Rexxar guided all their decisions. Therefore, the selection of new people also required the Beast God’s guidance.

According to the ancient tradition, regardless if they were members of the powerful god-tier and silver-tier clans or the weak iron-tier clans, all orc clans were qualified to put forward candidates.

As long as the orc could trigger a miraculous response from Beast God Rexxar’s statue, this orc would become the next pope.

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  1. The writing was superb. Kudos to the author and the translators. I cried for Yassin. I have officially placed him in my pedestal along with Linley Baruch (coiling dragon) as a model. Great chapter, just great.

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