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Hail the King Chapter 1078.2

Chapter 1078: The Last Gift of Power (Part Two)

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This method was so simple that it seemed a little childish, but the Behemoth Orc Tribe used this method to select the next pope for millennia, and no mistake had ever been made.

It was evident that this simple method chose the best candidate. Even the popes who came from the weak iron-tier clans proved themselves to the tribe later and became among the most prestigious and honorable members.

Compared to how humans schemed against each other and killed each other to get the position of pope in the Holy Church, the orcs were proud of their unique selection process.

Normally speaking, the chance of successfully selecting a new pope was greater among priests and shamans.

However, it didn’t mean that warriors couldn’t become the pope of the Beast God Palace.

In the history of behemoth orcs, there had been four popes who were warriors to begin with.

More importantly, the legendary Beast God Rexxar was an orc warrior who could summon battle beasts. The only thing was that the Beast God always had a black half-mask on his face, so even the popes of the Beast God Palace couldn’t say what the face looked like under the mask and which clan that Beast God Rexxar belonged to.

This time, the selection of the pope followed the ancient tradition as well.

However, out of more than 130 candidates that the various clans put forward, none of them were able to trigger a response from the Beast God by praying before Beast God Rexxar’s statue. It meant that all the candidates weren’t qualified.

However, this didn’t discourage the behemoth orcs. The testing process and the selection process continued in order.

The orcs believe that a new pope would rise up, obtain guidance from the Beast God, and lead the tribe toward a better future.

However, Pope Entus couldn’t sit still anymore.

According to the agreement that he made with the mysterious existence, Fei was the person who was going to take over his position. However, at this moment, Fei was in the middle of cultivation. Although increasing one’s strength was important, and warriors’ moments of epiphany were rare and unpredictable, Entus wondered why Fei had to do it now.

“What if I die before the time is up? What will happen next?”

“The situation will be messy. Could it count as a breach of contract?”

“Will any punishments or terrifying consequences take place?”

In the last 20 days or so, Zhong Dajun, which was the poor Pope Entus, pointed at the direction of Fei’s hotel and cursed every day.

On the other hand, Great Priest Nash directly lived in the hotel that Fei was staying in, waiting for Fei to wake up from his moment of epiphany.

Nash was even more anxious compared to Entus who was the biggest ‘imposter’ in history. This man was truly worried about the future of the tribe.

If the migration still didn’t start, the entire [Banished Land] was going to be devoured by the [Metal Desert] and [Vicious Swamp] that were quickly expanding, and the Behemoth Orc Tribe would die here.

The only good thing was that the [Legion of Light] of Chambord, the troop made of 100 golden-armored warriors led by a dark-armored demi-god named Basturk, was trying their best to protect the orcs.

This group of tireless warriors traveled to every catastrophe site and offered help, saving many orcs who were in trouble. Right now, they were the favorite warriors of behemoth orcs.

Rumors such as the King of Chambord having Beast God Rexxar’s bloodline and the King of Chambord being the reincarnation of Beast God Rexxar were quite popular among the orcs, and the orcs who were helped by the [Legion of Light] believed in the rumors as well. Gradually, even the orcs who had strong doubts became unsure under Pope Entus and the Beast God Palace’s propaganda.

Time quickly passed by.

When the poor Zhong Dajun was about to go crazy, some news finally came in.

“Your Holiness! Your Holiness! Great news! Mr. Torres of Chambord and Mr. O’Neal have returned from the Azeroth Continent!” Great Priest Nash rushed into the Beast God Palace in excitement, and he almost lost his shoes in the process.

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