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Hail the King Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Restricted Area in the Back Mountain

The man and the dog sprinted to the final hall in the building.

This hall was where Prince Okocha lived. This place was filled with corpses, but there were finally signs of fighting and struggling. By this time, Fei could tell that the killer was a fire-attributed warrior or mage; there were traces of fire damage, some corpses were even burned to ashes. The air here smelled like blood combined with roasted and burnt meat…… Fei’s eyes focused closely.

He saw a more well kept corpse lying at the end of the hall.

This corpse was wearing a set of shiny armour. Magic energy loomed around the armour; it was obviously an expensive piece of magic equipment. The corpse had blonde hair and his face could be considered handsome if he was still alive, but his aquiline nose ruined the “whole picture”. He was also wearing a golden crown that was decorated with a dozen gems. His frightened expression indicated that he couldn’t believe what was happening at the last moment of his life. His throat was sliced by something sharp and the wound had burn marks. Tons of bloody bubbles were spurted out of his mouth; the blood started to condense and turn black.

Nothing was alive in this stone building and courtyard.

The whole emissary group from Thrace Kingdom, including more than two hundred people were massacre by an unknown enemy with almost no resistance.

The wind at night gave Fei a chill to his bones.

From the body temperatures, the battle occurred less than ten minutes ago; that what surprised Fei the most. The emissary group from Thrace Kingdom lived only about 3 miles (4 km) away from Lake Kingdom’s emissary group. It meant that when he was with Prince Modric and Bast, the two hundred people were murdered not far away. There were a few star ranked warriors from Thrace Kingdom, but Fei didn’t feel anything; normally, he would have definitely sensed it.

It was too terrifying!

What rank warrior or mage could pull this off in silence?

And for what reason would attackers murder the prince from Thrace Kingdom?

Fei felt that the situation was getting more complex.

He originally thought that after solving Hershzem’s assassin case, he would get to the bottom of it. But from what he knew now, his hypothesis couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Fei suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

“Your Majesty……this?”

It was Bast and Prince Modric. After waiting for a long time outside and not hearing any fighting noises nor Fei’s calls, they got worried and rushed in with the soldiers. They discovered that the situation was off when they saw all the dead bodies on the ground.

“I didn’t kill these people. When I came in, they were already dead.”

Fei frowned as he told them what he saw first hand. Both Bast and Modric were terrified. After examining the corpse in a magic armour lying at the end of the hall, Modric yelled, “This is Prince Okocha of Thrace Kingdom…… Okocha is one of the [Five Eagles], and had four-star ranked abilities. Who could have cut his neck open with just one strike?”

Fei shook his head.

Blacky the dog sniffed around the hall, as if it was trying to find some clue.

“Only six-star ranked masters could have done this, and there had to be more than one. Otherwise, they couldn’t kill these many people without causing any chaos.” Modric was shocked by his own findings.

“Your Majesty, how should we handle this?” Bast seemed calm; however, he was a minister, not a soldier or a general commander, so he wasn’t used to these kinds of bloody scenes. His face was pale and he tried really hard not to puke.

“Order everyone to back away from the building, and then tell Brook to send soldiers to lock this place down. Don’t let anyone else know what happened here temporarily,” Fei said. It seemed to be the only thing that could be done.

The situation was getting more complicated.

Fei was sure that Chambord somehow was unknowingly involved in a huge vicious conspiracy…… It was a disaster in the making. If it really were six-star ranked masters who carried out this Thrace Massacre, then one of them could easily tear Chambord apart.

The residence of Thrace Kingdom’s emissary group was quickly locked down by Brook and the soldiers.

Fei ordered some forensics doctors to investigate the scene at night, wishing that these doctors could find the clues that were neglected. These bodies would have to be buried or burnt soon. Although it was already late autumn, these corpses had to be quickly dealt with, just in case they got smelly or rotted faster than expected and caused diseases such as the plague.

The soldiers and guards from Lake Kingdom who assisted Fei were ordered by Prince Modric to keep their mouths shut…… However, a tragedy of these scale wouldn’t be kept secret for too long. The outside world would know sooner or later.

When Fei, Bast, Modric and the soldiers went back to Lake Kingdom Emissary Group’s residence, a Lake’s soldier rushed to them and reported, “Your Highness, King Alexander, that,….. that captive named Hershzen…… He is dead!”

Everyone was shocked by the news.

“Dead? How did he die?” Fei asked angrily.

After the whole emissary group from Thrace Kingdom was murdered, the only possible clue that they could get on the situation would have to come from this earth-attributed warrior captive. Fei was planning to interrogate Hershzen immediately, but no one could have imagined that the last bit trace of the situation would end this way.

“It was suicide. He hid a poison pill in his mouth. After you guys left, he died of that poison,”

the soldier explained.

Fei’s headed to the hall with a straight face.

Hershzen who was severely injured by him was obviously dead. Some white foam was on his lips; it was the after effect of the poison. His expression was stiff and ferocious. The skin on his head turned black, and black blood flowed out of from the openings on his head. His lips and throat had also turned purple. This signified that Hershzen did in fact die from the poison, a deadly poison. The white foam that dripped from his lips had corroded and and formed potholes on the stone floor.

“The last clue…… is f*cking gone.”

Fei felt like there was an invisible hand that was controlling everything. He could see everything that was happening, but no clues were left behind. It seemed like the invisible hand was also influencing what he was doing to the degree where he felt controlled.

Fei suddenly thought of something as he stared at Hershzen’s ugly dead face. He squatted down, swung his hand, took out a little bottle from hiss Barbarian’s storage space, carefully collected some samples of the white foam on Hershzen’s lips and put the bottle back in the storage space.

“Since he is dead, he no longer has any value. Brook, send someone to throw this body into the residence of Thrace’s Emissary Group, and deal with the rest of the corpses together…… Be careful, this corpse contains a deadly poison,” Fei signal Brook.

Brook was a bit surprised; he took away Hershzen’s body himself with the help of a soldier.

When Fei returned to King’s Palace, it was already midnight.

Fie was still thinking about what had happened today. There were too many things that happened today; they all occurred so quickly that it was unbelievable. He thought back again and again and got more scared as he did so. More and more powerful masters had secretly entered Chambord. Even six-star ranked masters had shown themselves. Fei could smell the conspiracy.

“Why did these people come to Chambord?”

Fei thought on his stone chair, “Did the mythical ruins get exposed?”

It wasn’t realistic. If that happened, then the underground cave in the back mountain would be chaotic by now. But the reality was that it was the quietest place at Chambord for the last couple of days…… However, except for that, Fei couldn’t come up with any other reasons for why so many powerful warriors and mages could come here. The Coronation Ceremony for a level six affiliated kingdom wasn’t that attractive.

Fatigue caught up with Fei; he slowly fell asleep as he processed the information.

The next day.

There were only two more days to go before the Coronation Ceremony.

After enjoying breakfast in Angela and Emma’s cheerful laughter, Fei watched the two girls leave the palace mysteriously; they said that they were preparing some kind of present for the ceremony.

As Fei was getting ready to enter Diablo World to level up his assassin character, Warden Oleg rushed in in a panic with Palace’s Guard Michelle-Barak.

“Your Majesty, someone broke into the restricted area in the back mountain last night,”

The fatty shouted as he swiped the sweat off of his forehead.

“What? Tell me more!” Fei was surprised; he suddenly thought of something horrible. He was afraid that what he feared had actually occurred.

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