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Hail the King Chapter 1087.2

Chapter 1087: Puppet Empire (Part Two)

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Those relatively wealthy merchants were still targeted and robbed by Barcelonan soldiers, and those women who looked above average were still assaulted and forcefully taken by the enemies.

Under the morning sunlight, a thick layer of fog enveloped the land.

Many homeless dogs and cats shivered in the cold as they traveled on the street.

Sometimes, those civilians poked their heads out of collapsed walls or buildings that were barely intact, looking around with desperate and numb expressions. They didn’t know when death was going to fall on their heads.

Suddenly, a series of clip-clop noises sounded.

“Come out! All come out! Don’t hide!”

“The majestic Fourth Prince Chrystal restructured the Royal Family of Zenit! His Highness reached an agreement with Barcelonans, and they won’t kill more people…”

A series of shouts broke the peace in the morning and resonated in the sky above the broken city.

“The Fourth Prince restructured the Royal Family of Zenit?”

This news quickly spread on the broken land of St. Petersburg on this cold morning of early autumn.

Before noon, tens of millions of Zenitians who were still inside the city that was filled with death learned about this piece of news.

All kinds of rumors were passed around, and some people quickly discovered the core issue.

Fourth Prince Chrystal actually decided to join the Barcelonans! He became a puppet of Barcelona inside Zenit.

With the help of Barcelonans, the Puppet Royal Family and violent organizations were quickly created.

Aside from gaining the civilians’ trust, maintaining Barcelona’s control over St. Petersburg and the entirety Zenit, and supporting the troops of Barcelona that were getting ready to wage war on the northern region of Zenit which Chambord was in, the Puppet Royal Family’s favorite thing to do was to go through history and settle old accounts.

The Fourth Prince who finally sat on the throne of Zenit had heavy control and was in high-spirits. He raised the butcher knife to those officials who opposite him before, and many noble families that hadn’t got the chance to escape were all killed.

Of course, not everyone in this world was virtuous and not afraid of death.

There were many noble families and forces that lost all honor and did the easy thing. At this moment, they decided to side with the Puppet Royal Family.

The Puppet Royal Family colluded with the troops of Barcelona, and they started to push and implement White Terror policies in the areas that they had control over, seizing as much wealth from the people as possible while viciously suppressing all rebellions and uprisings.

Except for some areas in the northern region of Zenit where the Chambord Kingdom was located, everywhere else in the Zenit Empire seemed to have changed.

At this moment, peak Full Moon Elite Armando came back to the Military Headquarters of Barcelona in St. Petersburg, and he brought back a piece of shocking news!

On that afternoon, less than 72 hours after conquering St. Petersburg, Barcelona gathered its troops and started to attack the northern region. More than 200,000 soldiers moved toward Chambord’s direction.

-Three days later-

“It is surprising that the little Chambord Kingdom has magic puppets that are in the Demi-God Realm, and it has god-tier defensive magic arrays that even St. Petersburg didn’t have. How did this lowly kingdom get such magic civilization inheritance?”

“It is probably that Chambordians accidentally discovered a giant cache of relics from the Mythical Era, and they decoded the relics to some degree and obtained these technologies.”

“If that is the case, would it mean that after conquering Chambord, our empire will rise even more and potentially unite the continent?”

On the south side of Zuli River, Barcelonan troops already occupied the new city that Chambord built.

While standing in mid-air above their campsites, Pedro and Busquets stared at the ancient city of Chambord that was armed to the teeth like a metal hedgehog while excitement and greed flashed in their eyes.

The battle had already continued for two days, but the Barcelonans couldn’t do anything to the Chambordians.

Due to the existence of those more than 20 mystical gold magic puppets, supreme masters like Busquets didn’t dare to easily show their powers.

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