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Hail the King Chapter 1088.1

Chapter 1088: Former Knight (Part One)

[TL Note: The chapter is 1.5-in-1, so there are three parts.)

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For the last three days, Barcelonans attacked Chambord City and suffered many casualties.

More than 30,000 elite soldiers died in Zuli River and within 2,000 meters of the defense wall.

From the beginning to the end, Chambordians didn’t even send out a troop. The entire battle was completed by more than 20 magic puppets.

Busquets and other three demi-gods ventured within 2,000 meters of Chambord City and tried to capture a magic puppet. They wanted to get one by force and study it.

However, they tried many times and didn’t get anywhere. In fact, they almost died in the zone.

Although the energies that these magic puppets of Chambord had were only on the level of Sun-Class, their combat strength reached the Demi-God Realm. Their bodies were made from tough metal and were extremely firm. Even with their heads destroyed, they could still battle. The suicidal combat style brought a lot of grief and pain to the four demi-gods of Barcelona.

Fortunately for Barcelona, these magic puppets didn’t have intelligence and only used the same attack methods, and they could only move within 2,000 meters of Chambord. If these restrictions were lifted, these 200,000 Barcelonan soldiers would all be killed on the first day when they arrived!

After the attacks on the first day that tested the water, Barcelona had to be patient in the coming days, slowly trying to find an opportunity.

Soon, these people discovered that it was much easier to conquer St. Petersburg compared to Chambord City.

The only good news for Barcelona was that it seemed like Chambord only had under 30 magic puppets. If there were more, there was no way that they could win this war.

Time slowly passed by, and more and more troops of Barcelona gathered on the south side of Zuli River.

Except for that, more than 100,000 soldiers of the puppet Zenit Empire that were organized by Fourth Prince Chrystal’s Royal Family also came to the south bank of Zuli River, trying to assist Barcelonans.

Right now, except for this ancient Chambord City, everywhere else in Zenit fell into the control of Barcelona.

Like the last nail on the wall, Chambord City was putting up the last fight.

“Humph! In terms of size, Chambord City is tiny! Therefore, they must lack food supplies. Right now, the troops and civilians of more than a dozen affiliated kingdoms in the northern region gathered in the city. Together with the original population, a ton of resources is being used daily. I want to see how long they can last.”

Busquets and other demi-gods couldn’t conquer Chambord City after trying their hardest, and their plan of capturing a magic puppet was going nowhere. Therefore, Barcelona had to resort to the battle of resources.

In the next ten days or so, the troops that the puppet Zenit Empire sent became the main attack force, and they were pushed into the death zone which was within 2,000 meters of Chambord’s defense wall.

Under pressure, these soldiers had to siege and attack their former peers who were defending the city.

Facing this situation, Brook and Bast didn’t show kindness or softness.

All enemies who got within 2,000 meters of Chambord City were destroyed by those magic puppets.

Some Chambordians suggested to instigate defection in the enemies and make these soldiers jump ship. After all, many of them were forced to come to battle on the frontline.

However, this recommendation was soon thrown out.

St. Petersburg’s tragedy was a precedent for Chambord. No one knew if Barcelonan spies were hiding in the troop.

After all, all fortresses could be broken easier from the inside. At this critical moment, no one was allowed to enter Chambord City.

In the next long 20 days, the head commanders of both sides battled with their strength and intelligence.

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